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    Hemmings Great American Race

    Missed out on this. My wife of 41 years reminded me this was our anniversary. Figured I better miss this & take sweetie out to dinner.
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    Hemmings Great American Race

    Thanks for the heads up. They will be about 100 miles from me. Gives me an excuse to drive the back roads to see them at their lunch stop. (y)
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    Filling out my garage... What would you do?

    Love your Comet. (y) I had a 65 Comet Cyclone with a 271HP 289 that I bought in 1969. It was ages ago & was forgotten until I saw yours.
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    Toyota GR Corolla Discussion

    When I first saw the GR Yaris I about wet my pants. This Crayola GR doesn't do it for me. When they add stupid mark ups to the price the R will end up being a better deal. I'll keep happily driving my MK6.
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    2022 Formula 1 Season

    Great race, even in the back of the field. Man Alonso was really getting pushed around by his teammate. Clean racing between the front two, but man Max crying on the radio "he did this he did that". I wish the red car would have won, hopefully next round.
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    Push to Install Speed Cameras in US

    We had red light cameras here. It didn't take long for everyone to figure out where they were. So people would stop in theses locations & do what they liked everywhere else. The cameras are now gone. People run red lights due to their heads being stuck in their phone. I wish they would enforce...
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    Speed Kills

    Sad situation. Playing Ricky Racer on the street is beyond stupid. Yes the person pulled out & froze. Had the Ricky Racers been driving a bit slower the accident may have been survivable.
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    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Merry Christmas.....
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    The next race should be a good one. Even on points going in, how great is that!
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    Hamilton won, he & Verstappen are now equal on points going into the last race. Verstappen has 9 wins to Hamilton's 8. For my two cents I didn't find the track shitty. I only saw dirty tricks on one side & they have been seen before.
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    Toyota GR Corolla

    My 67 SAAB 96 had a 3 cyl that was anything but smooth & balanced. Was more like a two stroke paint shaker.
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    Toyota GR Corolla

    I agree, give me a smooth in line 6. Yes two turbos please. :D
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    Max did well & as much as he could have today. A shame we really didn't get to see the lead two fight it out. Not a fan of follow the leader racing.
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    Not a very interesting race. Man Bottas just has the worst luck. Very happy to see Alonso on the podium. Things are getting closer, should go down to the wire. Oh yes, Lewis won again. :D