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    Group Dinners

    In the extremely rare case that I do decide to do anything for my birthday and invite friends, then I'll pay for the bill. Interestingly enough, not many of my peers feel the same so I always go to dinners expecting to pay for my portion (including tip) and the birthday boy/girl's...
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    Site Questions/Issues/Requests

    Plans to be back on Tapatalk?
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    Pictures of you dog(s)

    My clearance rack pound mutt.
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    Vehicle exchange program - Cardinals VW

    Not that I don't like it, it's just that had I know the facelifted models were already available when I bought my 17 I would've been happier. 1st world problems. Might be interesting to see what they would offer for my 17 w/ one small rear end love tap accident.
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    Vehicle exchange program - Cardinals VW

    Good to know. Thanks!
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    Vehicle exchange program - Cardinals VW

    Thoughts? Could I potentially trade my 17 SE for a 18/19 SE for less than what I'm paying now?
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    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

    That went over his head.
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    Cigar Smokers

    Which shop do you go to? I work in Irvine/NPB and usually smoke at some local smoke-friendly bars in north OC but have frequented Tobacco Barn on occasion.
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    Cigar Smokers

    Cigar collector/smoker here. Just checking in. Any other smokers?
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    ** The Official Beer Thread **

    Cracked one of these with the wife the other night. 2 years seemed to have done this just right. [emoji106]
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    Southern California Brew Hee Haw - 7/14/2018

    taking offers!
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    vendor marketplace issues

    not sure if that's the case for me. some ECS posts show and some don't.
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    Site Questions/Issues/Requests

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    What are you drinking?

    Fellow hop heads, would anyone in Southern California be interested in attending Brew Hee Haw at a discount? I'm selling my ticket due to scheduling issues. DM me if interested. 7/14 @ OC Fair 6PM. Ticket comes with complementary in/out access to the Fair and I believe a free ride from ARTIC to...
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    Southern California Brew Hee Haw - 7/14/2018

    Anyone in Southern California or anyone planning on being in the area on 7/14/18 interested in attending Brew Hee Haw 2nd Session from 6-10PM? It includes all day in/out access to the OC Fair as well as unlimited tasting of over 80 beers. I believe it also includes tram transportation to and...