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  • Two tips:
    Bring 2 pens or better yet a few more with a pencil. that way when they having you filling out a form you do not have to be unperpared sbag that has to ask because you are unprepared.

    Second, being a DOD contractor there is a good chance the person hiring you is a former military officer and therefore is trained to look for certain things in people.

    Did you prepare for the interview? The position and company. What is the unit's mission? Message to Garcia. You should only have to ask for details.
    Do you have a squared away appearance. Clean shaven, clean and not hobbled together.
    When asked about your weaknesses. Answer honestly. Turning a weakness in to a positive by saying something like "I'm a workaholic" will raise the bullshit flag right away amongst DOD types. Choose something and comment upon how you have been working to improve. This shows self awareness which is highly desired trait. Pick something like "I am a micro manager." I have been working to improve on this by delegating greater authorities to subordinates to empower there devfelopment while still maintaining full responsibility.

    Since it is a DOD contractor you may need to do a clearance check. Have all your old contacts bookmarked and contact them immediately for information as references. That old high school buddy you are still Facebook friends with will come in handy. Just choose wisely. The quicker you can turn this info into the better and hide nothing. Everything can be explained up front but if they find out without you disclosing it will not be good.

    Hope this helps and good luck.
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