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    Britain’s best cars to own - SHOCK.

    VW obviously forgot to send them a cheque!😉 Seriously though, it’s the driver power survey, I wouldn’t read too much into it, the BMW 1 series (f40) isn’t far above, and it’s a really well built practical car, the fiesta is 67, and we all know that’s great little car.
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    Part # request: Rear hatch interior OEM LED lamp

    I had one of these in my mk7,
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    Interior lighting

    No, unfortunately not.
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    My Mk7 navigation used to regularly say it was in Wolfsburg, it never bothered me as it rectified itself each time, not had it on the mk8 yet though.
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    Software List

    @tos. Is describing a process that is undertaken through software coding, by either using OBDeleven or VCDS, the setting cannot be changed directly through the infotainment.
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    Lighting packs

    The upper ambient light strips on the doors also change colour and fade out\in when locking or unlocking the car, there is also supposed to be some sort of warning light when you open the door if it’s dark outside, but I can’t say I ever noticed this function work.
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    I have 1896 software on my GTI, I also sometimes have the dash screen change by itself to the same view as you, it’s only done it a couple of times and doesn’t particularly bother me as it’s so infrequent, I don’t have any phone connection problems though so the two are probably not linked, the...
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    Engine cut out (stop/start) and failing to restart ?

    I cannot help with your overall issue, but I can offer a bit of help with the aggressive stop/start, it can be controlled simply with how hard the brake pedal is depressed, the car can be brought to a stop and held on the foot brake without activating the SS system by simply not depressing the...
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    Unknown Sound

    It may well be that the key is not shutting down or is still within range and has been disturbed before you hear the noises, I’ve left my key indoors reasonably close to the car in the past and have noticed the the cars lights come on as I walked past the key that happened to be sat inside on a...
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    Unknown Sound

    I noticed mine was making random clicks or whirring noises in similar situations when the key was not present, I presumed it’s the auxiliary water pump doing its thing, whatever it is, in my case it hasn’t effected the battery in any way.
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    My sept 2021 build GTI (UK) has just had a large three part OTA update, the car has been on 1804 since I purchased it and has just updated to A896, the device part number suffix has changed to H also, I can’t find any release notes for this update so I’m not sure what’s changed, it took around...
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    Bonnet/Hood Gas Spring for MK8

    If you have the opportunity, could I ask you to measure the length of the RacingLine strut please! I’d be interested to know which VAG group strut they’re using, thanks.
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    Bonnet/Hood Gas Spring for MK8

    I fitted a new Mk7 gas strut (from eBay) and used one of these 10mm ball studs (mounted to the same bolt that racingline use) on the bonnet catch...
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    Golf gti dsg mpg

    I’m getting 33-35mpg, around 370 miles per tank, it’s quite hilly where I am, so this will likely reduce the MPG somewhat.
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    Mk8 Golf R and GTI - Engine Cover Recall

    I collected my 2022 GTI (UK) on Saturday and was puzzled to find the cover missing when I looked into the engine bay once it was home, once I enquired about it I was informed about the recall, it would have been a good idea to mention it during collection in my opinion, but never mind I guess...