MK7 GTI SE 6 speed PP/LP

I'm a long time car-enthusiast. My first car was a MK1 Rabbit, bought it with my own money. I have owned lots of cars since then, but in 2017, I returned back to the platform and purchased my GTI. I have no money tree, so it's taken me since I bought the car to slowly get to the level it is at today (May 2023). It sits now as a FBO-IS38 swapped car, and tuned by a very nice gentlemen on here known as "Diggs." The car is a joy to drive and is a great balance of what I look for in a driving experience. I am now working on cosmetics, as I attend car shows with my friends and car clubs. Later down the road I intend on a full engine build and a (probably) too big turbo. I also like JDM cars, not long ago I had a built Supra, but I had to part with it for family reasons. I plan to acquire another JDM car here in the very near future, and I will be working on building a YT channel.
MK7 GTI 6sp w/PP


OS Tuned by DIggs
Current project: Remove front bumper and prep for repaint.
Future plans: Mamba 3076R, RS3 Fuel pump, Unitronic MPI kit w/980cc injectors, Ethanol switch. Engine Build.

Other rides: 2023 Tacoma 4x4 SR DC V6
2017 Kia Soul+ - Other half's car

*Silvia S14 Kouki JDM -Spec found.




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