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    If testing and contact tracing were being done at the level recommended by the CDC which has been sidelined and muzzled, we would be able to understand the progression of the virus. So, yes there is a lot we don't understand about the virus and how it has engulfed our country. Obviously what...
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    A3 Opinions

    There are plenty of them on the market in Southern California where it is warm and dry all year. I got a quote to ship a VW from Alabama to California for 750 so the transport guys are all looking to fill their trucks. I had 2 friends that had the newer TDI cars and loved them. I have a 3.0TDI...
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    A3 Opinions

    They are dumping the buyback TDI cars on the market, great value, would make a great daily and they get about 40mpg. Can get one with under 50K miles for well under 15K. The A3 is same platform as golf with nicer interiors.
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    Corona comedy hour! C'mon folks...time for a laugh!

    My buddy in Georgia got a haircut this week, what do you think?
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    Cirrhosis of the Liver - Need Advice

    Oh gosh, very sorry to hear. I would investigate clinical trials and educate yourself on all options available. There is a I wish you the best, your MIL is lucky to have you as an advocate.
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    California Want to Tax Text Messages?!

    You are right but it is not surprising or alarming. Government has normally taxed communication and also taxed vehicles used on public roads. What has happened is that the taxes were based on technology that has simply changed. Government looking for a way to catch up with technology. Do I like...
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    Ford RS - can not give them away?

    According to Matt Farah - KW DDC adaptive coilovers fix the ride and improves handling. I agree, lot of fast for the money. Downside is that it was only in the US market for a brief time and now on the way out so there are not many of them on the road.... support will not be what we are used to...
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    Out of these three which would you pick?

    GTR and I would bring power down a bit for better reliability and track use. No interest in the other two at all.
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    APR Tuned RS3 running in the 9's @144mph in the 1/4

    Very impressive. (Saw this posted on MK6) Details:
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    Did this the other day (9 second pass)

    Oh man..... that is soooo impressive. Well into the 9's and over 140mph ..... I can only dream.
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    2006 Porsche Cayenne S

    I will state the obvious. Cool car for the money. Downside is the cost of operation and repair. It can be VERY expensive. The 3.2 and 3.6 V6 motors are solid choice. The V8 are of course more fun to drive but have long list of issues. Hopefully by that mileage those problems have been...
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    PAYPAL CREDIT going up to 25.49% interest - jeez!!!

    I thought the 19.99 % interest was bad but 25.49% interest is crazy.
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    Car buying bug....

    Keep it, freshen the shocks and put a K04 on it. It will transform the car, you will not want to get rid of it. That is why I have had my MKV for 10years. I am old and up until now I usually got a new car every 3 years.
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    If you had $120,000 to buy a car with

    Used R8 V-10 with Larini exhaust
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    Talk me out of the Spark EV

    One of my co-workers bought one when they first came out - loves it, zero problems and it is surprisingly fast.