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    We Connect does not!

    I had app and deleted it from phone. Useless for me (1664), if I cannot send address to cars own navigation system. I have Carplay for that. To monitor to fuel consumption: why would I need that? More throttle: bigger consumption and vice versa. Simple as that.
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    Tow hitch

    Anyone (else) has a original tow hitch? I bought mine to mount bike rack. And then the fun began...
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    Real reason for Lane Assist.

    You are right. Well, I miss possibility of full X-Y air vent adjustment with extra knob to open/close. I do not like full speed air to be blown into my body.
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    Travel assist problems.

    My personal opinion is, that travel assist is receiving speed limitation data from built in maps. Which are far from being perfect. Having rental Golf 8 SW1803 in the middle of Germany, I switched option to adjust speed limits (I do not know, how it is called in English - will have a look). In...
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    Software Update

    Few minutes ago I gave back rental Golf 8 United (maybe rent a car version). Discovery media SW 1803 Compared to my 1664 differences are: - no issues wit Carplay connection - carplay menu speed OK (mine can be very slow) - after entering adress and guidance in Carplay, navigation worked even on...
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    Virtual Cockpit Navigation

    Not to open a new thread: - how useful do you find WV navigation? - quality of UI, POI ... - do you happen to know the producer of database (Here, Google...)? In my case, navigation knows the position of my home (street name, house number) - it can show it in map. If I want to navigate home...
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    We Connect issue

    Happened to me as well.
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    Losing data connection

    As long as it is not raining, my procedure is as follows: - open the door - sit on the seat, clutch, engine start - car will start beeping that engine is running and door is open - after 3 beeps, I close the door (just enough time to fasten seat belt) In most cases Carplay connects, sometimes...
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    Software Update

    With time, you will go over five stages of grief. After 6 months, I am almost on acceptance level :mad:. Have a look at ACC settings and turn off the settings, where speed is regulated according to traffic signs and or data from map. My experience is, that car uses too much available...
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    Losing data connection

    Herbert Diess recently announced breaking times to happen. Well, in my case, happened today in the morning (05. 02. 2021) after globe became white, being gray since 27. 01. 2020. First longer "grayout" since october 2020. Maybe there is some truth in saying, that car resets itself (approx) each...
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    Reverse drive light + camera

    Hello, if someone knows, how to increase light outuput of 2 x 0,1W Quillig (joke, called G MK8 reverse light), I will be very thankfull! If I compare experience with Polo 2018 or Passat 2014, where incandescent light bulb(s) (almost) turn a night into a day, providing sufficient illumination...
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    Azhar, do you have manual gearbox? If yes, how soft is at you moving from N to 1? In my case...

    Azhar, do you have manual gearbox? If yes, how soft is at you moving from N to 1? In my case, not so smooth at N-1, 1-2. More smooth 3-4.
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    Mk8 golf software update

    Car is really computerized and seems to be weak chain link for WV. I have classic view on front panel (rotative RPM and speed gauges) in the middle bottom, I have big icon to show ACC distance (with car icon...) in the middle bottom. Yesterday I stopped in front of traffic light, one car in...
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    Steering wheel

    ... is different to older generations. Stronger rim and buttons placed more to the centre. Leftmost "button to be", rigid plastic left of minus button, just stealing place. Turns out, if you want to use ACC, you need quite long thumb. Your opinion?
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    Infotainment niggles with discovery media pro

    Honestly, can you imagine older driver to browse through all the menus/settings? I see Golf plus (or Sportsvan) to be quite popular for 60+ population. I doubt, if MK8 will achieve same popularity.