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    2021 Ford Bronco

    As others have said im not their customer and wont be getting one. But I like that the US has some has another offroad capable vehincle option, we have so few. Buddy of mine had a Bronco when we were younger and I see the resemblance, it looks nice.
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    What do you miss from your previous car?

    Not having a car payment, I think thats about it. And I will be paying off the GTI soon. There is pretty much nothing better about my old 2006 MK5 GLI Package 2 to my 2016 GTI SE /PP /LP
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    Any cyclist on here

    I was very close to getting a Blur Trail but decided on the 5010 instead. It’s been a fantastic bike.
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    yeah incubation period is 2 weeks so these are people who gave up early. Which means now it’s going to get even worse.
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    Yeah it looks like the death rate is spiking again due to people not staying at home anymore.
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    Any cyclist on here

    I used to use a camelback but started having upper back muscle issues. Now I run saddle bags or frame bag with spare tube/tool and water in a bottle cage.
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    Any cyclist on here

    Mainly ride MTB but dabble in Road during the rainy season. I ride in the Bay Area/Santa Cruz.
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    2020 'Vette

    Wow they deviated from the last style drastically. Not sure what I think about it yet but it sure is different.
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    Group Dinners

    Being a guest I always plan on paying for myself and the person who's birthday it is. As a host I plan on paying for the whole thing, I also dont host much for this reason.
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    Tapatalk not working with this URL

    Also found significant reduction in time spent here due to lack of Tapatalk support.
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    2020 Sonata gets some cool tech

    Hyundai and Kia have absolutely been doing a good job over the past few years. I’m still a diehard VAG fan but I recommend them to friends and family often.