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  • Hi Julio,

    I got my H&R SSS by a friend with little experience with these cars. It turned out that the front suspension now makes this horrible sound and it makes my spine go nuts...

    I found you because everybody speaks wonders about you. So i need your help.

    Please let me know where are you located and I can take the car for you to take a look at it.

    Im in hayward. I could take the car today after 1 if you can check it today.
    Hey Julio,

    Como estas? Hey i asked a question about suspension work and someone reffered me to you. Actually i do remember you invited me to your BBQ once but i couldnt make it :/. That was a while back. Anyways, Im trying to get my car a little lowered that i have it now and i was wondering if you know anyone ( I can help if possible) or a shop that can do the job for a reasonable price. Let me know please. Also, im trying to see where i can find my springs too. I am currently on the koni shock/spring set up with about 1.7" lower i believe.

    Jose Manuel
    Hey Julio --

    It just occurred to me that you said you do aluminum machining... I want to have custom caps made for the engine compartment (oil, rad, reservoir, etc) and maybe also some custom pedals. Is that something you could do?

    wassupp man i was just wondering where you shops at and whats the number so i can set up an appointment
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