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  • Hey I might be interested in the wheels. How bad is the curb rash? I have never shipped wheels before could you give me a shipping estimate to 45459?
    So I'm definitely moving to California in a month so if you have pictures of your modified downpipe it would help me out a lot.
    Hey, its the guy who bought your VCDS cable. Everything is working good there. Might be taking a job in CA and got some questions about smog. I'm K04, Cobb TBE and ECS intake running a Stratified tune with cat monitoring on so I show readiness. Running spacers so I don't get CEL. Sifting through threads about smog check is a little confusing. I'm CBFA so I see some have modified a CCTA downpipe, or they rely on no visual. What's your recommendation? Running 93 oct also. Cali doesn't have 93 do they?
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