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    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Surprisingly liked the Squid game. Never knew Korean series are this good.
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    Left Lane Campers

    I feel the same way. Left lane campers irritate the hell out of me too.
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    Any here into retro gaming?

    Makes me miss my old Nintendo.
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    The Star Spangled Banner like you've never heard it before.

    Not a bad version. But I prefer it to have a faster tempo.
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    AR Giulia Ti Sport...Thoughts?

    Oh, that's gorgeous.
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    Anyone read any good books lately?

    Currently reading The Man Who Lived Underground, by Richard Wright. Enjoying it so far.
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    Saw These Leather Driving Shoes...

    My dad used to have one just like this and a Sperry topsider's for his driving shoes.
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    What’s for dinner tonight?

    Yes, my son. Just celebrated his 16th birthday, that's why my wife prepared a feast. Wow! Sounds like a delicious spread. Need to work on my diet after eating so much last night.
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    What’s for dinner tonight?

    It was my son's birthday last night. My wife cooked a mean shrimp garlic pasta, garlic herb butter roast chicken, oven-roasted asparagus, and baked a blueberry cheesecake for dessert.
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    Anyone else mining

    Never tried it. But a friend has been trying to convince me to check it out.
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    Anyone folding molecules?

    Never heard of it before.
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    What hobbies do you have

    Gardening has really helped with my anxiety during the pandemic. Nice to hear that you are enjoying it too.
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    What did everyone go to school for?

    I took up Management Information Systems in college.
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    What hobbies do you have

    Been into organic farming and baking during the pandemic.