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    A Fido In Need

    theres this site doing a dog picture contest, and my buddies dog has made it from #12,000 up to #387 in the last week. Were working really hard to get him up to the top spots. I would really appreciate it if you woud take 30 seconds to vote. If you're really generious you can vote every day...
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    VW Wallpaper

    i was bored... idk, lol
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    Help With a Scholarship (VW Related)

    My friend is trying to win a competition for a $1000 scholarship, and it requires them to post a picture on the scholarships facebook site that expresses them and which ever contestants photo gets the most "likes" will win the scholarship. Heres the vw related part - its a picture of her mk3...
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    This is no laughing matter

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    Teslar Roadster FTW!

    At the moment the car is custom made from a Lotus Elise, it cost $109,000; but its the first step by a company to made a reasonable car A full charge takes about 3.5 Hours to charge. 225 Miles per charge , cost is about 2cents per mile Batterys last atleast 100,000 miles Tesla Roadster...
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    What are you watching right now???

    I AM LEGEND on blu-ray, and two of my ferrets fighting
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    Obama Remix

    DO NOT START ANY POLITICAL SHIT OVER THIS!!! :wub: lol, just thought this was funny
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    World of Warcraft Allegancy

    Where do you stand :fighting0030: