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    Security Certificate Expired

    You might be out of luck, corporations like Microsoft don't even have basic security housekeeping...then you got companies like SolarWinds...again don't get so worked up, can avoid the site till they fix it.
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    Security Certificate Expired

    You can pay to auto renew a paid certificate, but you still have to update the appropriate web services with said certificate. Beginning in September 2020, SSL certs are only allowed to last 398 days. Often companies were taking out 3-5 yr certs and thought they would be good for that period of...
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    Mk8 - Opinions?

    I'm not a fan of the "connected car", I find the driver assists over the top already. Especially when I didn't option them and my dealer threw it in - which I made them give it to me for free... That said, not talking mechanical at this point as the MK8 R hasn't been released, but I feel like...
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    Golf R or Audi S3

    If VW could grab the Haldex upgrade from the FL S3, the R would be so much better. Looks like United and HPA are going to have us covered this year though. Otherwise the R is still better for my taste. I would have liked the more visually appealing super sport seats as well as the sunroof...