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    My New (Used) 05 636...

    It was either BT the GTI or get a bike.... I get it today....and this is a picture of me now-----> :biggrin::happyanim::biggrin::happyanim::biggrin: Shit, just realized you guys cant see the pictars...
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    Socom 4: Confrontation

    If you play, post up your name and your PS3 name. I will continue to update the list if it becomes a good thread. (Forum Name) - (Name) - (PS3 Name) Turbo_Lag - Bryan - The_Grapefruits
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    Mein Kampf - Book written by Hitler

    Hello all, Way off Topic, but I don't think I will get any views in any other section of this forum unless I start it off here. *Sorry Mods* I have been interested in reading this book for quite some time. I have heard alot of mixed reviews, some being obviously good, and some being...
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    Upgrade to a Cobalt SS? Ohh Noes!!!

    OFFICIAL QUOTE Hello Bryan, It is our pleasure to have the opportunity to work WITH and FOR you... We have choosen the best car based on the information we received from your online request If you want to change color, equipment or options on the below quote, let us know. When you receive...
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    Help with info about PSP's?!?!?

    Hello, I am looking into getting a PSP but I have heard so much junk I don't know what to do. I hear there is a fat 1, and a slim 1. I hear there is a blue, white, black and shiny 1. I hear there is something called the PSP3000 (but I can't find where to buy it anywhere...) What should I...
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    MAC Memory Cleaner...

    I have found so many, that I am not sure what ones are any good, and which ones are amazing. iTool 1.1.27 Net Shred X 4.2 Internet Cleanup 5.0 Cocktail 4.1.5 MacScan 2.6 IFreeMem 3 Mac Dust 2.7.3 Leopard Cache Cleaner Are there any paticular ones that stand out as excellent programs? Any other...
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    Questions regarding MAC Laptops...for a Noob.

    I have never even clicked a mouse on a MAC before. I am a PC technician and I support Windows 95+. I have knowledge in COMPUTERS in general, but no knowledge about MACs. I am looking to get a MAC, something above a "G3" that I can play with, mess around and break so I can fix and learn more...