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    I Think the GTI/R Days are Numbered

    Maybe in the US they'll go away. But they are still very well selling in the rest of the world. When I was in Germany a few years ago there were golfs and gti's everywhere. It seemed like 75% of the cars on the road were golfs. Even Canada is getting the mk8 golfs that aren't confirmed yet...
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    Comprehensive Golf MK8 Reviews & Discussions

    excellent review, good find. informative and not just a sales pitch. I'm warming up to the interior. I still think driving it in person will be the true test, but even here in a real world video it looks more inviting. As opposed to stills from autoshows. I've always appreciated the...
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    Mk8 - Opinions?

    I'll (hopefully) be in the market a year or two into the Mk8 in the US. Exterior looks fine, hasn't changed much. Although it keeps getting bigger, which I don't like. My 2003 golf was a perfect size. The golf used to be a unique, small, and sporty option, but it's showing signs of turning...
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    ECS hiring

    So which one of you will be the new VW product specialist for ECS tuning? Just got an email stating they are hiring.
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    Drove a Tesla Model S today
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    1000 hp supra?! And a hamster face

    neither of them were wearing their seatbelt properly. wonder why?
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    (CAR) TV Shows you hate....

    Car Talk on npr is outrageously funny. I enjoy when I catch it on the radio, and sometimes listen to the podcast. When I was a clueless kid I liked "Trucks". I always wanted a huge dually or a wrangler rock crawler. Then I learned about mpg. Oh wait, this was supposed to be car...
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    Drove a Tesla Model S today

    One of my old high school friends works for Tesla. He got to drive the Roadster. 3.7s 0-60 and ~250miles on a charge. I wouldn't turn one down. The funny part is my friend is 6'2 and the roof is barely up to his waist.
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    What is with the matte obsession?

    I just got new frames. Definitely gonna plasti-dip my old ones. They already have MK6 plaid on them.
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    Ford TrackSTer

    wait, where am I? Is this the ricer spotted thread?
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    Fun/Dirty Drinking Games?

    Nothing beats good ol' fashion beer pong. Use shots instead of sips of beer to accelerate the process. Cards against humanity, while not really a drinking game per se, is hilarious when participants are drunk.
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    DAFUQ Did I Just Stumble Upon?

    ^^^ must be from China.
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    DAFUQ Did I Just Stumble Upon?

    wtf? I was a goth kid in high school. this was never a thing. Dancing was what the preppy kids did while we sat alone in corners being depressed. I blame Zumba.
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    Worlds smallest working V12 engine

    undeniably cool, but what is the application? one badass RC Car?