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    Check your passwords people!

    Changing your PW periodically is always a good practice. Every 90 is a nice interval. Everyone should be doing that for all their passwords, personal and professional.
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    The most abused R32 in history?

    Might want to check the brakes... ;-)
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    I dont think you need to change extractors... I know lots of people who swap 9mm/40 cal barrels. I dont think you need to swap mags - but, it's probably not a bad idea.
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    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    What got you into VWs? What do you drive? What do you hope to buy? Option Spec? Anything on-topic or just say Hi Been into cars a VERY LONG TIME. I’ve had quite a few cars, and quite a few VW’s and Audi’s. Air cooled beetle in the 70’s, a diesel pickup in the 90’s, a number of B5 Audi’s (sedans...
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    I do. Awesome gun... I also EDC a Sig P938 when I need a skinny gun. You’ll love the 509C. Get the Apex striker before the factory one breaks and leaves you stranded.
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    breaking my 2021 GTI in...

    breaking my 2021 GTI in...