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    Apparently my neighbors don't like VW's. . .

    And now Ford and VW are partnering... oh the irony.
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    My "dealings" with Pennsylvania and "Racing on Highways"

    Disclaimer: This is not legal advice, just sharing an experience that might be hopefully useful to others. So rewind the clock 6 months. I'm somewhere on the Delaware/PA border, getting my WaWa fix. It's late, probably around 1am, and my friend who I was visiting was riding shotgun. Heading...
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    How are you posting pics to the forum?

    My photobucket still works and I have no idea why.
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    "Car Guys"

    Oh and I also had a guy try to tell me my P3 gauge was the reason my car failed emissions. That was a good one.
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    "Car Guys"

    I worked at autozone for awhile...people all the time would try to return the oil they bought but put the old oil back in. Some were dumb enough to not even wait for the old oil to cool off before returning it. "Why is the container hot?"..."It was on the floor and I had the heat on" ...."in...