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    Changing the Blue Coloured insert in bonnet grille and iqlights

    When the time comes to sell the car, prospective buyers could be a little suspicious of a GTE with GTI lights and grille fitted - it could suggest that it had been involved in a front end impact and had been repaired with the wrong parts. Also, my car OCD would struggle with a red grille and...
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    Software Update

    The issues that many owners on this forum and other forums seem to be experiencing with the mk8 Golf strongly suggests the car was released for sale onto the unsuspecting general public before it was ready. This is one of the reasons I won’t be an early adopter of a new model, as I’m not...
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    GTI spotted

    Or being tested and reviewed by a US motoring publication to give would-be owners a taste of what’s to come when it officially arrives in the US?
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    Thoughts of buying 8 golf.

    Yes, the mk8 is on sale in many non-USA / Canadian markets. I see that @sh1baev is from Moscow. The mk8 Golf has been on sale for some time in Europe and It’s on the VW Russia website. Advantages; ride and handling - which was very good on the mk7 Golf - seem to be improved, and for many...
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    Mk8 Service Interval

    I don’t know what the logic is. However, the significance of the 9,300 miles figure is that it pretty much equates to 15,000 kilometres and in Europe the time and distance service interval is the sooner of 12 months or 15,000 km’s. UK cars also use this 15,000 km figure when calculating...
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    Mk8 Service Interval

    As you’ve got a service plan, I’d book it in for its first service at the sooner of 10,000 miles or 12 months, and will it’s being serviced, ask the dealer to amend the service regime to annual / time and distance.
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    Mk8 Service Interval

    @Handydave; Sounds like your car is on the long life / flexible service regime and your mk7.5 was set to annual / time and distance servicing. I think the default from the factory is long life / flexible. I have a service plan with my car and one of the requirements of VW’s service plans is...
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    General Questions for MK8 owners. PLUS help with VIN please.

    @mark2jag; Courtesy of forum member DanDuda48 over on forum, which should help determine your car’s precise build date. Last 6 digits of their VIN have been blanked out to prevent potential fraudulent use! ‘If you open the driver's door you will find a black sticker at the...