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    Navigation Language

    On the built in navigation i've noticed that the list of things like parking will only come up in German parkplatz etc,The language is definately set to English and all the other bits of navigation are in English?? Perhaps i should just put this down to one of those things that VW don't bother...
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    Virtual Cockpit Navigation

    It's a 1.5 eTSI style,I tried the google maps on the way to work this morning and as well as directions in the HUD you can get them in the middle of the right dial,Destination just gave a blank,The directions also appear in words on the top of the screen (the bit where it says take foot off...
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    DSG opinions?

    I too find the gear changes so smooth they are not noticed at all,Isn't the braking on hills the eco coasting function keeping you at a constant speed? I've noticed on a hill around the corner on my way to work that if i'm at 30 mph i can take my foot off the accelerator and if i'm lucky to get...
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    Wireless android Auto

    The 1.5 eTSI style
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    A/C controls freeze

    The same thing happened with ours as we picked it up from the dealer,We were just about to pull off when the Missus said it's hot and tried to turn the heat down and we too had no function on the sliders or the climate screen,So before even driving an inch we had to get the salesman back,He had...
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    Virtual Cockpit Navigation

    No only on the Hud and the info screen I generally just leave the dash on the dials,I was disappointed when i chose gear selection as a view and it said "D" i was expecting to see the gear numbers as the DSG shifted.
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    Virtual Cockpit Navigation

    I used Google maps via android auto the other day and the directions appeared in the HUD.
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    Wireless android Auto

    It works with a Google pixel 3a and a pixel 5 (Which also charges in the car).
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    Wireless android Auto

    I'm in the UK and it's working fine for me.I have software number 1788 I'm glad it does as i use Tidal to stream music and the built in VW Tidal is awful.