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  1. norsairius


    fall is my favorite season of the year! I'm ready for some nice drives with the windows down in forested areas with the leaves turning different colors.
  2. norsairius

    Electric Smart ForTwo (LOLOLOLOL)

    Edmunds Inside Line was nice enough to post a follow-up test with the electric Smart Car with a "Raptor tow" mod:
  3. norsairius

    Electric Smart ForTwo (LOLOLOLOL)

    I read Edmunds Inside Line every day and I couldn't help but post this up. Summary numbers: Acceleration 0-30 (sec): 5.6 0-45 (sec): 11.4 0-60 (sec): 22.4 0-60 with 1-ft Rollout...
  4. norsairius

    Mosler 'Land Shark'... it's a beast. Click the link for full specs and such. It's gotta be one of the most heavily modified cars I've ever seen/read about. After all, it makes 2500 hp. The guy claims he has Michael Schumacher lined up for a test drive around the 'Ring, but...
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    2009 Mazda 6 driver, random complaining/ranting

    All right, had to get this out there because it's been annoying the crap out of me. I was pulling out of my parking spot in a parking garage as I was leaving campus for the day. As I was turning my car to go forward I hear this car going full throttle coming right at car from behind. I look in...
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    Day of Defeat Source? Left 4 Dead?

    Any players here on Steam PC? If so, look me up: norsairius is the name I play by or my steam username is (a now defunct email account). Feel free to add me as a friend, just attach a message saying you're from if you can.
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    Nissan GTR reprogrammed to 'fix' transmission failures. So it seems that after the reprogramming, the car is now faster with the VDC on or off than it was before being reprogrammed. Nissan offered to reprogram the cars so that people could use launch...
  8. norsairius

    The Count is rather vulgar!

    If you haven't seen this, you'll probably find this pretty funny: If you've already seen it, you'll probably still laugh at it!
  9. norsairius

    GT-R failures, blown out of proportion?

    I'd say they have been:* It was an unfortunate victim of web message boards and news sites where people will tend to only say something if something has gone wrong, not if something has gone right...
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    Starting a blog, check it out...

    You can find it at: My first entry was about Motor Trend's recent article with their comparison test of 8 sport compact cars. I know that I'm probably not the best writer, but feel free to check it out and leave any constructive...
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    Nissan 370Z vs. BMW 135i That 370Z is looking REALLY nice. Porsche Cayman performance for 30-40 grand less in price! And from what seems to think, better than the 135i. Granted, the 135i does do certain things better that other people may...