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  1. VDubberinDE

    Security Certificate Expired

    I am getting it on a PC and every click you have to bypass this message. They need to update their certs.
  2. VDubberinDE

    Security Certificate Expired

    Is anyone else getting a popup the Security Cert has expired for this forum? The URL is being marked as "Not Secure" Starting Jan 1st.
  3. VDubberinDE

    Read This if you are a User that cannot Get a Confirmation E-mail or Reponse from the Admins

    Hopefully this helps someone who cannot get a confirmation e-mail or response from Admins since anyone can read posts even if not logged into the site. I was a longtime user, but my username got merged during the site merger. I could never get back on because it kept asking for a confirmation...
  4. VDubberinDE

    not topic reply notifications

    I believe same thing for comcast. I got kicked off when they did the merger and they changed my username. Trying to get back on never worked because I could never get the confirmation e-mail. I tried for months. No response from Moderators, but again I may have never gotten e-mail. I had...