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  1. Goingnowherefast

    Project Turbo Hair-Dresser Girly Race Car//Miata Build

    Z3MhS_TzPbA So on 10/17/15 I picked up my new sports car. "That's not a real sports car" - Peter Griffin So I got my new hair-dresser mobile. I bought it from a lad named Jon for $2450 out the door. It has 83K on the clock, and not a speck of rust on it. 1992 non-LSD no options. It has never...
  2. Goingnowherefast

    I have no F&%$ing idea what to do. Career Advice needed.

    Hey guys, I know the forum is basically dead especially the OT sub-forum but I figured Id give posting here a try. I'm basically looking for some "this is what I would do and here's why" type answers. So I graduated college about 4 months ago and have since then been working at FCA at the...
  3. Goingnowherefast

    Cobalt SS/TC

    My car should be payed off soon, I always thought my upgrade car would be AWD/RWD but I've been thinking about the Cobalt TC/SS's. They make Hella power with barely any upgrades at all. Let me explain... Stock K04 Stronger engine than the FSI Many have an LSD Looks good With just a tune they...
  4. Goingnowherefast

    Northern Lights--- Solar Flare

    As you guys may have heard, the sun has gone through a series of solar storms. Which have increased the radiation coming into the atmosphere, this while almost all negative means that people further south can see the Northern Lights. Anyone below Canada seen em yet? Should be out Today and Tommorrow
  5. Goingnowherefast

    S4 thoughts/power

    My Dad just got a B8 S4. What are you guy's thoughts on this? He was thinking about a 335i but honestly the Audi is pretty much better in almost everyway, number aside. P.S. The damn thing makes Hella power, you can get 400awhp with a tune, intake, exhaust and a pulley. All extremely cheap mods