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  1. snobrdrdan

    Tapatalk isn't loading and New Posts Errors out

    Are you going to fix the merged stuff??? (i.e. the members/O.T. area has been merged across all of the sites, instead of separate) Hell, even my "watched threads" show threads from ALL of the sites too
  2. snobrdrdan

    Tapatalk isn't loading and New Posts Errors out

    Yeah I noticed that seemed most of the off topic stuff was merged or something across all the sites. i.e. Golfmkv off topic chat was listed on golfmk6 for example EDIT:'s still wrong. I'm seeing threads from golfmk7, under General Car Discussion, here on the golfmkv site...
  3. snobrdrdan

    Tapatalk isn't loading and New Posts Errors out

    Is there a way to get rid of the (huge list of) rules taking up 1/2 of the page on every page???
  4. snobrdrdan

    The Golfmk OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 11)

    Welcome to "the future" 😕
  5. snobrdrdan

    The Golfmk OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 11)

    Should be under the "watched" tab at the top, under the golfmkv logo at the top left, then "watched threads"
  6. snobrdrdan

    The Golfmk OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 11)

    This new (forum) layout is weird/foreign...
  7. snobrdrdan

    Funniest ads from Tapatalk or Google in general

    ^^^ now I GOTTA know...what ARE the holes for?
  8. snobrdrdan

    Coolest thing I've seen in awhile

    Well that seems very to power lines, none the less But cool indeed
  9. snobrdrdan

    Happy Birthday to Moderator Jay745!

    Looks good #wasntinvited Happy Birthday!
  10. snobrdrdan

    Evo 11 coming?

    LMGTFY btw: And 2 videos for some LULZ: &
  11. snobrdrdan

    anybody else having "quote" issues with Firefox

    I've had that issue before, for a while, but I thought it was user they didn't allow quotes or something
  12. snobrdrdan

    Best wiper blades?

    Clay barring the glass helps too
  13. snobrdrdan

    2019 VW Tiguan

    ^^^ Yup And if you troll over on Vortex, you'll see that there are some Atlas and Tiguan owners that want to install lift spacers and bigger/off road tires for crawling thru the mall parking lots.
  14. snobrdrdan

    No base Golf?

    Here ya go: There's also the rumor of the Wagen, Alltrack, & e-Golf getting axed here too
  15. snobrdrdan

    Interesting Mustang.

    That Lambo Mustang isn't for me either, but it's definitely "unique" (in a bad way, IMO) I posted a pic of a Ranger Raptor in one of these threads, spotted locally with Manufacturer Plates. I'd say yes, to compete with the Colorado ZR2