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    Tow hitch

    Anyone (else) has a original tow hitch? I bought mine to mount bike rack. And then the fun began...
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    Reverse drive light + camera

    Hello, if someone knows, how to increase light outuput of 2 x 0,1W Quillig (joke, called G MK8 reverse light), I will be very thankfull! If I compare experience with Polo 2018 or Passat 2014, where incandescent light bulb(s) (almost) turn a night into a day, providing sufficient illumination...
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    Steering wheel

    ... is different to older generations. Stronger rim and buttons placed more to the centre. Leftmost "button to be", rigid plastic left of minus button, just stealing place. Turns out, if you want to use ACC, you need quite long thumb. Your opinion?
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    Infotainment volume normalisation?

    New user of MK 8 Style for two weeks. Is there a way to normalize audio volume between DAB/FM and Carplay? - I start car with radio on, where I set suitable level for my ears - Too much Covid news, I decide to play some podcasts. Volume is substantially lower, I have to correct via volume...