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    Has anyone noticed their car playing up after it's been raining? I've not suffered too much with the software problems that others have on here but i'm sure i'm beginning to notice that they start after the car has been driven in the wet. For example yesterday on the way home from work it...
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    Increase in MPG

    Anyone else noticed a sudden increase in stated MPG this week? Mine started on Mon after the car did a software update. I usually get about 54-55mpg on the same journey this time i got 61.4mpg and on the way to work this week i've been getting 53-55mpg whereas before it was always 45-48mpg...
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    Travel assist problems.

    I've been using the travel assist a bit and it seems to be confusing itself betwwen kmh and mph at first i thought it was just choosing random speeds but i've noticed that it works fine until it suddenly gives you the speed limit in km for example turning off the M40 at Wycombe onto the A404 it...
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    Navigation Language

    On the built in navigation i've noticed that the list of things like parking will only come up in German parkplatz etc,The language is definately set to English and all the other bits of navigation are in English?? Perhaps i should just put this down to one of those things that VW don't bother...