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    Over the air software updates.

    It has just been announced that ID3/4 owners will, from this month, have major software updates done over the air (OTA) rather than at the dealers. Since the Mk8 Golf shares much of the technology with the ID range will this be available for us? I gather that VW Golfs (and presumably IDs) made...
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    We Connect does not!

    My We Connect has stopped sending information from my car to my iPhone. I tried deleting the App and downloading it again but to no avail. Am I unreasonable to expect everything on a VW to work?
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    VW Golf Mk8 Software Glitches, by Andrew English. 10th June 2021.

    Why Volkswagen needs to take more responsibility when it comes to glitches Europe’s largest car maker has admitted failure, however, with over-the-air software updates the suggested solution There was no apology, but at least an admission from Volkswagen’s top brass that the software embodied in...
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    Real reason for Lane Assist.

    I think I know why the Mk8 Golf has Lane Assist which defaults to being on. I am finding that making simple adjustments to the car, like the air conditioning, requires accessing the infotainment screen. This requires a lot of time looking at the screen. Not good! At least the Lane Assist tries...
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    Heating and air conditioning issues.

    I usually don’t bother with heating and air conditioning at this time of year (which improves electric range - sad, I know) and I leave it turned off. Recently when I get in the car, press the start button, I find that it turns back on with both the fan and air conditioning immediately start to...
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    I have the Spotify App on my iPhone. Can I use it to listen to music in my car? If so how do I do it? To save embarrassment I won’t mention my preferred taste in music 😢. Thanks in advance.
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    We Connect issue

    My We Connect was working fine. I could look up car data on my iPhone. Then a message appeared on the centre screen which didn’t stay there long enough for me to read. Now the We Connect app says ‘This online service is deactivated in your vehicle. Please activate this service in your...
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    Mk8 GTE Soundaktor?

    My last car, a Mk7 Golf GTi Performance, had a Soundaktor fitted to the bulkhead which made a horrible artificial engine noise. It was bloody awful and I got the dealer to turn it off with his laptop. Does anyone know if Mk8 has the same thing? When driving in Sport mode of my GTE it makes more...
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    Light bar?

    My GTE has the brilliant IQ.Light Matrix LED lights. When does the light bar between headlights light up?
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    Does anyone know if the Mk8 GTE has the same trick VAQ front differential as the GTi (originally installed in the Mk7 GTi Performance)?
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    Volume and temperature sliders not backlit.

    Is it normal that neither the volume and temperature controls are backlit. I know where they are and they light up when touched but since all other controls are backlit I’m rather surprised.
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    I managed to get Alexa to work by logging on to Amazon. It worked for a short while. Just when I thought I might have to set it up again (not sure how to, since the option to enter a code again is no longer available). It worked! Surprise, surprise now it doesn’t. We Connect works so the signal...
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    Change default settings.

    Is it possible to change the two annoying default settings. Whenever I turn on the ignition the heated steering wheel is on (at maximum). Additionally the Lane Assist becomes active which means the steering will suddenly twitch unexpectedly at some point in my journey