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  1. Daks

    Joe Schilling

    Did you guys see this?
  2. Daks

    What are your thoughts on this - Trans Weightlifter What a world we live in. I'm all for inclusion, but to have someone that has had testosterone running through their body for more than 2/3rds of their life, compete in an explosive, female...
  3. Daks

    Anyone read any good books lately?

    Looking to start a new one.
  4. Daks

    Anyone else see this?

    I don't know what that stuff in the right hand corner is but I wonder what happened. Sounds like he fucked his wife.
  5. Daks

    Two chicks at the same time

    Let's liven' up OT - who's done it?
  6. Daks

    What did everyone go to school for?

    I'll start. Undergrad in Business Administration and a Masters in Business Administration. I'm all about business.
  7. Daks


    Who's got them? I grew up around pitbulls and American Staffordshire Terriers my whole life, but here in Ontario we have breed specific legislation which outlaws them. Moved on to a Cane Croso a couple of years ago when my last pitty passed. How do you dog proof your ride? I have an amazon...