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    Acc slows when approaching vehicle in the left hand lane on the motorway

    This has been mentioned quite a few times on various forums. The car ‘thinks’ you are attempting to undertake - it seems to get confused over which side of the road we drive on in the UK. Many owners have also had their cars misinterpret mph speed limit signs as kph, so ACC will slow the car...
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    Heating control lights?

    Lack of backlighting suggests that VW are trying to force owners to use the alternative methods of voice control or the steering wheel controls to adjust these functions. Maybe the original plan was to not have any heating / ventilation or volume controls below the infotainment screen at all...
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    Light bar on Golf Mk8 style 2.0 TDI

    The light bar certainly wasn’t listed as part of the Style model’s spec in the April 2020 brochure; It’s listed in the current brochure (effective 24/09/2021) for the Style model, so I agree, it probably was a 2021 model year change.
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    Golf GTE Mk8 - Need help if you’ve got one?

    Noisy injectors is fairly common (and normal) on many VAG engines. Not all engines seem to have this characteristic, but with those that do, a ticking / tapping sound would be heard at idle speed. I doubt it would be that noticeable - if at all - once the car is moving.
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    Light bar on Golf Mk8 style 2.0 TDI

    If I had a mk8 Golf with this light bar, I’d be investigating to see if it could be disabled 😀. IMHO it looks a bit tacky and not very VW-like. That’s just my opinion though and it’s good we don’t all like the same things. I think the light bar is here to stay though - VW have added it to the...
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    Cruise Control

    Your car is mistaking mph for kph; 70 kph is 43-44 mph and 60 kph is 37 mph. Other forum members have had this issue on this forum and other forums, but I’ve not read of anyone experiencing it for the first time as a result of a recent OTA software update.
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    Multiple Software Issues - startin the rejection process.

    That’s a very valid question, and one that’s been asked on some other forums but no one (on those forums) seems to know the answer. I doubt VW dealers are able to answer it either. It’s a little worrying that software fixes also don’t always seem to work on some owner’s cars, whereas they do...
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    Software Update

    It’s a service recall or service campaign, as opposed to an official vehicle safety recall. If it was the latter, it would be coordinated by the official government body - the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) - on behalf of VW and an official letter would be sent out to all owners of...
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    Trouble with travel assist

    I think VW dealer workshops use a diagnosis and fault finding procedure known as GFF (guided fault finding) which presumably is what they have to do as dictated by VW. I assume GFF requires the dealer‘s workshop technician to work through a set of designated fault finding steps in a specific...
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    Self servicing new car

    That would be my understanding.
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    Self servicing new car

    Agree, it does seem like a good deal, and for VW it’s another way to generate revenue and keep customers coming back to their dealerships. I think reading the small print in the terms and conditions would be worthwhile, to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. It may not include some...
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    Self servicing new car

    The best time to buy the service plan is at point of sale when you order the car as the price is lower than it is if you buy it after the car’s been registered. Current price if purchased at point of sale is £269 which is probably the price you paid. If you wait until after you‘ve taken...
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    Self servicing new car

    From what I‘ve read on some forums, since the Dieselgate debacle VW do seem to be taking a much firmer line in relation to warranty claims; presumably cost savings on warranty claims can help offset the cost of Dieselgate fines and legal actions. So having the car serviced within the VW dealer...
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    Self servicing new car

    Yes, I can also recall reading this somewhere. The UK terms and conditions of VW’s new car warranty state the following; ‘Your vehicle should be serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Any damage to or defect in the vehicle caused by poor or insufficient servicing will...
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    Front led light bar

    I’m not a fan of the LED light bar either - I think it looks a bit tacky and not very ‘VW-like‘, but we’re all individuals so will have different likes and dislikes which is a good thing IMO. VW must think it‘s worthwhile though as it’s now a feature on some models of the newly face-lifted Polo...
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    Automatic tilt/dip of wing mirror?

    i don’t have a mk8 Golf but my car (a 2020 Polo GTI+) does have the dipping door mirror function. In my car, it‘s necessary to set it up first so when reverse is selected it dips at the correct angle specifically for you. The reason it’s necessary to set it is that the dipping position for one...
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    Sat Nav in central display??

    Whether or not you can display sat nav maps on the digital instrument display depends on a number of things; namely the car’s computer hardware version, the software version and whether the media unit you have is the standard Discover Media or Discover Nav Pro. Forum member @Massimo 2323 put...
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    Mark 8 Golf R

    I just drive any new car normally from the outset, although I appreciate that not everyone’s ‘normal‘ will be the same, so I‘d suggest just taking a few sensible precautions; for the first few hundred miles (600 miles / 1,000 kms) avoid labouring / lugging the engine or red lining it, vary the...
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    Software Update

    Your car is interpreting the UK mph speed limit signs as kmh; 60 kmh = 37 mph and 30 kmh = 19 mph. This issue has been discussed on other VW forums and quite a few mk8 owners have experienced it, as well as the climate sync and keyless entry issues. I‘ve lost track of which software faults VW...
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    Golf R Mark 8 Spare wheel?

    The mk8 Golf doesn’t have run flat tyres. I don’t think you get a jack unless you specify the optional space saver spare when you order the car. You could always by a space saver spare and jack separately if the car you’re considering only has the tyre mobility kit. This is from VW’s website on...