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  1. vj123

    If you were buying again DSG or MT

    TCU tune from factory might be factored towards fuel economy and is terrible. I used to drive my DSG in manual mode 95% of the time and it great. Yes is clunky but i feel that adds the drama.
  2. vj123

    If you were buying again DSG or MT

    GTI was the first automatic i ever owned. I would take the same route if given a choice again.
  3. vj123

    To DSG or not to DSG…?

    Search function in the forum would help you!
  4. vj123

    Found my GTI replacement, introducing my 997.2 C2

    Congrats, thats a great replacement. Its nice to see people take a giant leap while replacing their GTIs.
  5. vj123

    I finally did it - C2!

    Thats a sweet ride. Congrats.
  6. vj123

    Hummer EV - SUV & Truck

    Yeah they are planning to use this plant for future electric vehicles. Hopefully current situation doesnt derail those plans.
  7. vj123

    Hummer EV - SUV & Truck

    Performance and features are quite impressive, but it doesnt bring in any soul for me.
  8. vj123

    Hummer EV - SUV & Truck

    Based on several reports is suppose to be built in Detroit Hamtramck assembly plant.