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  1. GTi Fanatic

    bmw rental

    wow, im in germany right now as some as you know. im going to belgium and holland this easter weekend, and i have rented a car. they told me ford escort or similar (154€ for the 5 days w/unlimited mileage) will similar turns out to be a new BMW 3er... not incredibly disappointed:biggrin...
  2. GTi Fanatic

    good forum

    Well pretty much a pointless post... but i just thought i would let everyone know what a great forum we have here. I used to go on the tex everyday but as golfmkv continues to grow I am finding that we or at least I have no need to go to alternative forums. so basically congrats JJ. :respekt...
  3. GTi Fanatic


    completely unrelated to anything vw or car related for that matter. im in germany now and i am about to experience 5 days of pretty much straight drinking. Despite how serious germans are for 360 days of the year, something about this week makes them crazy. karneval is a religious holiday that...