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  1. aaronc7

    Project car

    Miata is always the answer
  2. aaronc7

    Quick Jack one year review

    I use the pinch weld blocks. It's not quite wide enough, but with some weight on it, it seats in there fine. Overtime it loosens up a bit too. At first I was a little concerned about this too but it works fine.
  3. aaronc7

    Quick Jack one year review

    Something that can go a bit higher would probably be nice to have for more involved stuff. Like the MaxJax. But QuickJack is much more compact for storage etc. Pros/cons all around. IIRC the quickjack will lift the car about 2' off the ground (a little less with the normal blocks). That's...
  4. aaronc7

    Don't think you won, just because I couldn't catch you.

    is this what all mk6 threads are like?