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  1. Das Gespenst

    My personal go kart track.

    So we bought my daughter a go kart for Christmas 2 years ago. Slowly over time we tossed the idea of building a legit gokart track in our back yard. So, we did! It's a major work in progress and has gone through several iterations until we found a route/course we liked. Ended up with a Daytona...
  2. Das Gespenst

    Yes, another car!

    So the wife's Mercedes has more wrong with it than I care to get into. Fixing it up right now and building a racekar is just not in the cards so I had to find her something to drive in the mean time. Enter the new (used) car. 1999 Buick Park Avenue Ultra, has the 3.8L supercharged V6 and only...
  3. Das Gespenst

    Getting a new daily.

    Well, its not what I wanted for a daily, but it was a deal I couldn't pass up on. For the time being it will allow me to finally retire the GTI as my daily and completely set it up for the track/weekend fun car. Picking up a 2001 Buick Park Avenue Ultra. Fully loaded with the supercharged 3.8...
  4. Das Gespenst

    Apparently I bought a Mercedes!

    The old lady surprises me on Friday and tells me on my lunch brake that she bought another car..... conversation goes something like this. 1:Where did you buy a car?! 2:well I was garage saleing with dad and found a great deal! 1:........ what did you buy? 2:a 1990 Mercedes 300e! 1:A...
  5. Das Gespenst

    Airsoft video I found of myself.

    Bord on lunch at work and found an old video my buddy made at an airsoft event. Got a kick out of it and fun to watch me get bang killed lol.