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  1. imthanick_a

    Check your coolant!

    Hey everybody, if you're about to get hit with this big cold blast, don't forget to test your coolant to make sure it is still "good" down to the temps on the forecast - especially if you have an older car that hasn't been flushed in a while. A tester is like 3 bucks - much cheaper than an...
  2. imthanick_a

    Performance air filter testing Take it for what it's worth. I don't want this to turn into another CAI debate since this is not what the video is about, but definitely supports the findings of people with drop in filters For those who don't wanna watch, summary is a K&N filter added about 2-3%...
  3. imthanick_a

    Should I buy a Crown Vic Police Interceptor?

    So I'm looking to buy a car to replace my Camry for the winter. It's becoming too rusty and broken to bother to continue fixing, so its time for an upgrade Looking at a low budget here of 5k, I don't want to finance because I already have a car loan, student loans, and mortgage to pay off and...
  4. imthanick_a

    Apartment policies and cash grab - WWYD

    Just curious what other people would do in my situation - I know what I'm going to do but want to see other points of view TL;DR: My apartment is making me pay for renters insurance and the garage I don't use, for an apartment that I no longer have any belongings/residence in. Story time for...
  5. imthanick_a

    Lemon Powered VW I.D. R

    Or lemon powered clickbait if you want to look at it that way. Still a cool video
  6. imthanick_a

    We're not alone anymore!

    Looks like Subaru joined the VW club
  7. imthanick_a

    Blurred license plate numbers

    Curious as to why people blur or cover up their license/number (for you European types) plate numbers in photos online. People see your plate all the time on the road, what's the big deal if it's online? If you're doing something illegal on a video it's understandable, but just in photos and...