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    1.5 auto mpg?

    50 mpg in summer (with a relatively light foot) 45 mpg in winter
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    @Doctor71 @koolmacher Could this be a cure for your centre console rattle? Post in thread 'Noise coming from the center console'
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    Warning: 1896 software disaster.

    I agree with the ‘holding off if it ain’t broke‘ point. Following the new steering wheel (no more Travel Assist/Emergency Assist dings) and the 91BU software update for the OCU (which fixed the greyed out globe issues) our 2020 Style on 1668 has been behaving perfectly. Not rushing to get the...
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    Brakes feeling odd

    Yes. The braking effect seems to lessen noticeably as you slow to a halt. I think it’s the regenerative braking switching off at around 5mph or so, and you have to press a bit harder on the brake pedal to maintain your rate of deceleration.
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    Are there criteria for applying 2066316/1 apart from the three other TPIs that you mention?
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    Travel assist and emergency assist errors

    Yes, frequent pinging and Travel Assist / Emergency Assist were very annoying before the steering wheel was replaced in Jan 2021. Almost completely solved (have had a couple of instances in damp weather). See this post...
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    This circle of blame is extremely unsatisfactory. Perhaps you need to email Dr. Herbert Diess, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, ( to tell him of the significant reputational damage to his brand that is being inflicted by VW UK and your VW dealer.
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    Good luck. Usually the best way is to keep the letter fairly short and impeccably polite. Your case is bad enough to speak for itself. You want to get the Executive Complaints Team (for that's who it will be sent to) on-side, rather than alienate them. (Not saying you would do anything...
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    Alex Smith, MD Volkswagen Group UK Ltd Yeomans Drive Blakelands MILTON KEYNES, MK14 5AN
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    I think this is the first report I’ve seen of the infotainment software version being updated OTA.
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    @SRGTD is right. In practice, after 1 month anyone who rejects a car is really selling it back to the dealer (because the dealer can make a reasonable deduction for mileage used). In the current buoyant used car market, you might not lose much. The problem, as @SRGTD points out, will you be...
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    It’s actually the Emergency Assist function, which detects if the driver is no longer in control (by sensing no hands on the steering wheel) and brings the car to a controlled stop. Different from the SOS button. The common factor with Travel Assist and Emergency Assist is they both rely on...
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    Like @T-bro I have not found the temp or volume sliders to be laggy. They are not particularly convenient, but it’s not a show-stopper for me. Why? Because there are perfectly good volume controls on the steering wheel which are easy to use by the driver (not laggy). And once I’ve set the...
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    According to @Massimo 2323 (who knows about these things) the new hardware won't become available until model year 2023. Here's his post: The new model year...
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    Compact Dashcam Recommendation?

    ***UPDATE*** I bought 2 x Garmin Mini 2 Dashcams for front and rear. Best price was on Garmin website - £79.99 pre-Christmas offer, currently £89.99. I had them professionally fitted, so sorry no pictures of the actual fitting. Here is the front dashcam - very discreet behind the rear view...
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    Center console

    There‘s a couple of very helpful posts by @Massimo 2323 in this thread Post in thread 'GTi phone cover'
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    But your previous Mk7 required the key to be inserted in the steering column, whereas the Mk8 is detected wirelessly if you have it in your pocket while sitting in the car. Not saying that one’s better than the other, but that probably accounts for the difference in battery life.
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    Infotainment Hardware and Software Updates

    The 91BU recall is a software update for the OCU communication module. It fixes the problem where the car loses connection to the VW servers (greyed out globe). At least it did on my car. Nothing to do with the parking aids.
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    Mk8 Buttons

    I’m actually very happy with our Mk8 and think it’s a fantastic car mechanically, comfort, quality, fuel economy and in terms of the assist systems. But I must say, I’m not a great fan of the touch buttons. Our car has a mix of real buttons (on the steering wheel) and touch buttons (on the...