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    2015 WRX Discussion Thread

    My coworker just order a 2015 wrx 20 minutes ago. Funny thing is i just bought a 2014 wrx last weekend.
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    What're you gonna do with your tax refund?

    Pay off a credit card, pay for some of my current school semester. Pay some money on the car i bought. Whatever is left I'll probably buy some things for my house. LED bulbs and shit like that to make it more efficient or whatever.
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    The Official Beer Thread

    I wish i would have gotten 75 min. I was with my brother who was buying beer since my id had expired 8 months ago. I got it renewed and a new photo and the 75 min was gone. All within 24 hours! Maybe if i go to ocean city this year ill go make a trip to rehobeth and check out their pub.
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    The Official Beer Thread

    I didnt read every page so i may be late to the game. But has anyone tried dog fish head 75 minute? I saw it at the beer distributor it was 90 for a case of bombers. Pic related
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    POLE: How much do you love pizza, dude?

    I eat it about everyday during the week. Then maybe get a pizza on saturday night and have left overs on sunday. Seriously, my work has catered lunch. There's always pizza involved plus other shit, but i love pizza.
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    Home Improvement thread

    Really nice work from everyone in here. I've been thinking about making my laundry room not a dungeon. Put some carpet down and put dry wall up. Probably do it this year. I wont be doing anything awesome like you guys did just because I own a townhouse and plan to move within the next 5 years...
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    Xbox One

    I was leaning towards getting a ps4 a few weeks back. Then i went to my parents for christmas and unwraped an xbox one. I like it honestly, everyone i know says the ps4 has better graphics and all that jazz. But the xbox controller oh my. so comfortable. Plus if i want to get a game in the...
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    The College Thread

    Software engineering. Already have a Comp Sci degree and am working just i dunno, bored.
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    The College Thread

    I get to join in on this thread in january once my classes start up for my masters. woo hoo school again.
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    What would you have done?

    How do you avoid someone when youre going down the highway and they come up behind you and slam on their brakes? I would have done the same thing. I would have ran the dude over just like he did then started brake checking everyone else. And/or purposely hitting them. That guy had his wife...
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    Anyone here have a degree in Computer Science?

    BS in CS and I'm a developer. It's fun, I would get a BS since the math that goes along with a BS will help in your CS courses.
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    The College Thread

    except for when you actually learn math. You study about what your actually doing with the math you are using. I spent more time studying linear algebra than i did practicing it.
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    Laptop down, help?

    I would use gparted to format the drive first. Unless the win 7 disc will actually allow you to reformat it during installation. I've ran into situations where the OEM win7 installation does not allow you to reformat. This always leads me to using gparted.
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    Skater punched by kid's mom

    Imglad im not the only one who noticed this. I've had this same thing happen to me before. Minus the punch. Most of the time parents are real cool when you try to help their kid up and they just call it an accident. Then again if this dude just kept going I could see the woman being pissed about...
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    computer freezes while NOT gaming??? requesting the help of computer genuises

    turning off your secondary drive may actually be a good idea. This is trouble shooting its not a permanent thing. You say you will only be able to play games, but you obviously habe your os on your primary drive if you can play games. Which means you can use internet exploder. Also if it was os...
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    PC Gamers?

    I need to play some more counter-strike. I havent been lately, too busy with work and prior engagements. Something about sitting down sunday afternoon having a few beers and playing counter-strike really relaxes me.
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    Borderlands 2 - xbox 360

    jaxper -- yea thats still the same for this game as well. And its easy to pass the items between characters. (by no means do i dislike this game, I just reread my post and it made me look like i didnt like it. I love the bl franchise and do plan on playing all the dlcs from the season pass. I...
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    Borderlands 2 - xbox 360

    you guys are crazy for buying next gen consoles at all. but back to borderlands. yes better loot lots of shit talking your friends. And harder enemies, it's a lot of fun with friends. Especially towards end game. I played it solo and by the end of the game i was bored. I finished it just to...
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    Relationship advice!!! Ask and you shall receive

    Thats a very good reason to get your masters in it. Probably the only way i would go and get my masters is if my company would pay for it. My current employer wont, my previous employer wanted me to go get it and wanted me to do it as soon as i got hired. Literally a week after I started i was...