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  1. walker

    ECS hiring

    So which one of you will be the new VW product specialist for ECS tuning? Just got an email stating they are hiring.
  2. walker

    Loaner Car: 2013 Passat

    Had my car in for service today. They usually give me the crappy jetta 2.5 for a loaner, but today they upgraded me to a 2013 loaded passat with 400 miles on the ticker. I was quite impressed. The interior was fantastic looking with brushed aluminum trim and an analog clock in the middle...
  3. walker

    Header Ads

    The ads on this site are usually pretty well directed. My local vw dealer, Meguiars, Advance Auto. To the point where it reminds me to clear my cache/cookies etc. But I just saw an add that said "Yaris, it's a car!". Sure, I'll trade in my mk6 for a Yaris. :rolleyes: Talk about barking...