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  1. The Fed

    Mk8 - Opinions?

    I'd buy one, but then I'm a fanboy.
  2. The Fed

    2019 VW Tiguan

    If they sell Hyundai's there check out the 2019 Sante Fe. I'm not sure of the MPG but the SE version has driver assist and is supposed to do 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. I just rode in a new one and was impressed with its features for under $30K.
  3. The Fed

    Easter Eggs
  4. The Fed

    2020 CLA45 AMG

    When they first came out one of the salesmen had a tuned one.
  5. The Fed

    2020 CLA45 AMG

    415+ HP from 2.0 liters, with a warranty. Will the US get them?
  6. The Fed

    Help me solve a problem I don't know exists

    You can make a shift knob easily enough but aluminum will be just as hot as steel or any other material. Leather covered ones are just as hot. I used Hurst T-handles back in the day, and the flocked ones were cool to the touch but they wore out quickly. Should have bought stock in the...
  7. The Fed

    Don't Think I Want a Tesla

    Just read where crash parts are made to order and take months to get, even a year.
  8. The Fed

    Car Rally Drivers Arrested

    They called it reckless driving in PA when I lived there. Some states now call it careless driving. Must be the new PC term.
  9. The Fed

    Car Rally Drivers Arrested

    Rich people don't like to follow the rules.
  10. The Fed

    Car Rally Drivers Arrested

    Dumbasses gotta put the decals on thier cars. Think they'd learn?
  11. The Fed

    VW Likely to Produce MQB-based Pickup

    I'm old so I remember the CT fiasco. Ever see a Subaru BRAT? Jumpseats The USA and Canada's version also had carpeting and welded-in rear-facing jumpseats in the cargo area. These were a tariff-avoidance ploy, with the plastic seats in the cargo bed allowing Subaru to classify the BRAT as a...
  12. The Fed

    Automotive Industry Insight

    But it's fun to watch.:) So what do you think of the newer Atkinson cycle engines?
  13. The Fed

    VW Likely to Produce MQB-based Pickup
  14. The Fed

    Performance air filter testing

    I didn't think the stock filter restricted enough air to make a difference. If a filter with poor filtration only adds 2-3 HP, which isn't going to make any difference in accleleration, why bother? And the supposed additional power is well within variables. Your engine output is dependent on...
  15. The Fed

    The back seat is no longer the safest place

    Bet insurance companies will start sending surveys for how many times you have passengers in the back seats. And get ready for vehicle prices to go up from more safety equipment, like airbags installed in front seatbacks. I can see special provisions for baby and carseats, like they do with...
  16. The Fed

    VA State Inspection Scam!

    Put on old, bad blades. When you get there after work, and they say they failed, put on new ones yourself right then and there, and wait for your car. Also, report them to your state's licensing board and file a complaint with the AG. Youreally want to get them, install a hidden camera inside...
  17. The Fed

    What cars have you had?

    I'm old, so I remember the Dodge Omni GLH. It did.
  18. The Fed

    Dirty Scooter
  19. The Fed

    Used Car Finder Website

    Supposed to be good.
  20. The Fed

    Assembling a MC in Minutes