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    2022 IndyCar season

    Impressive win for McLaughlin. That was a surprisingly clean race for a street race as well.
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    While the race was happening, I was hoping this would happen because I didn’t think they’d get back underway in time and finish under yellow. The race last week was red flagged because a wall had to get fixed which is pretty standard though I’d agree the red should’ve been deployed right away...
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    I get not being happy with the outcome if you’re a Lewis fan, but is a finish under a yellow flag really an end that you want after an exciting back and forth fight all season? If you really want to take stewards/race control out of equation, put gravel traps in runoff areas instead of...
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    Max flat spotted his remaining set of new mediums in qualifying and had new softs so he had to do Q2 on softs so as not to start the race on a tire with a flat spot. I don’t think they necessarily wanted to start on softs. I want to see Max win (not discounting Lewis’ greatness just tired of...
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    Gotcha, agreed the track was less than ideal for racing and was hard to watch early on with all the red flags. I wish F1 would just race on dedicated tracks that have more than 1 corner where passing is possible. At least it wasn’t totally a parade where the outcome was decided by whether 1 team...
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    2021 Formula 1 Season

    I don’t understand what everyone is mad about with this race. We have a championship that’s going to come down to the last race, whoever finishes ahead of the other wins. Isn’t that what people want? I know I do.
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    Here is Emma crapped out in her car seat thing after her first Adirondacks high peak hike.