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  1. J

    Trailer hitch?

    Today I had a hitch installed, made by Draw-Tite. It's more unobtrusive than the one I had on my MK7 GTI, though it was a bit more expensive at almost $500 installed.
  2. J

    Trailer hitch?

    I don't think we have the option for that trailer hitch in the US market, but I'm definitely interested in getting one. I was on the ACPS website and I don't see any listing of dealers, so I assume they are only and OEM supplier? I also have a Thule EasyLoad XT2, and hopefully can find an...
  3. J

    Total black both Digital Cockpit and main screen at night?

    Isn't there a day/night mode in the settings somewhere? I think there's an Auto mode that switches based on the time of day also.
  4. J

    Trailer hitch?

    I had a Curt on my Mk7 and it worked fine and didn’t require any modifications to the car to mount it. Hopefully it won’t take them too long to come out with the new one. It seems like many GTI owners have hitches.
  5. J

    Trailer hitch?

    Has anyone found a trailer hitch for the Mk8 yet? I need one for my bike rack.
  6. J

    GTI Seat Bolster Wear

    My '22 GTI has barely 900 miles on it and already showing minor signs of wear of the driver's side seat bolster. I'm trim and pretty careful getting in and out of the car. My '17 GTI had the same issue and in 26k had significant wear, almost a hole, at the seam. Does anyone make some kind of...
  7. J

    Travel Assist - mods coming perhaps?

    I did my first short road trip today in MK8 GTI, driving close to 400 miles and using the Travel Assist extensively. The owners manual doesn't go into much explanation into what the various symbols on the dash mean. Is there a comprehensive guide for this system anywhere? I agree that the...
  8. J

    Why I sold my Tesla Model 3 Performance & went back to gas

    It seems that EV’s are quite successful in Scandinavia counries with harsh winters, which is interesting. I assume they have far better infrastructure in place, effective public transportation, and simply don’t travel the distances we do. Their fuel costs are also exponentially higher than...
  9. J

    Why I sold my Tesla Model 3 Performance & went back to gas

    I'm curious as to how many EV's have been stuck in the 24 hour highway jam outside of DC the last couple of days.
  10. J

    Differences in EU/UK MK8 v. the U.S. Version

    The US version has better teeth.
  11. J

    Praise Be: VW Has Overhauled The Golf 8's Annoying Infotainment System

    From reading the article it appears there is new hardware also required for this update.
  12. J

    Park Assist, manual gearbox

    Thanks for that video, which brings up some interesting points. Did you notice the warning triangle on the left side of his instrument screen, and the the yellow exclamation points on all sides of the car on the left of the media screen? Earlier this week I got into my car and had that same...
  13. J

    Park Assist, manual gearbox

    I have parking camera and Park Assist, and frankly I'd never use the Park Assist as I've been fully capable of parking my own car since 1984. I would like to know how it works out of curiosity, or if it even works at all. I'm finding in my first two weeks of ownership far more of the...
  14. J

    Park Assist, manual gearbox

    The owner's manual has very little information about the Park Assist function, and I've not been able to figure it out at all. Do cars with manual gearboxes even have this feature? I see the menu and the graphics, but I've not been able to figure it out.
  15. J

    Any idea what's supposed to go here?

    You left out the slide-out drawer underneath the driver's seat. This new car is maddening, and frankly after only 11 days with it I'm not sure the improvements have been worth the tradeoffs. I find myself constantly frustrated by the terrible voice functions and having to go through multiple...
  16. J

    Volume and temperature sliders not backlit.

    Tony, how do you do this?
  17. J

    Any idea what's supposed to go here?

    I figured it was something like that. My BMW 1M coupe had a similar slot in the trunklid, and since i picked it up at the factory I had to buy the triangle to be legal in DE. Does anyone know if the triangle for the MK7 fits the MK8? Thanks!
  18. J

    Any idea what's supposed to go here?

    I noticed this area of my rear hatch, which looks like is supposed to hold something, or have a cover over it. I picked up my car last week, USA model. Any ideas?
  19. J

    Software Update

    I thought I saw reference to being able to control the climate control from the steering wheel in one of the threads, but nothing I have seen in playing with the controls or going through the manual indicates that this can be done. Any thoughts?
  20. J

    Windshield fogging

    I just picked up my MK8 GTI Friday, and I was wondering if anyone has noticed issues defogging their windshield. For some reason it seems to defog the driver's side of the windshield but not really the passenger side. Anyone else notice this?