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  1. quailallstar

    MK8 GTI front fender badge (non chrome) wanted

    I know the GTI isn't even released yet, but I really like the smoked chrome (or are they just black?) front fender GTI badges. These would look amazing on an M7.5 GTI. To all my friends in Europe. Do any of you know if there are MK8 GTI parts listed in ETKA yet? I would like to order these...
  2. quailallstar

    Cant edit profile section with website upgrade?

    LOL then I guess I'm special. All kidding aside - I vaugly recall puting that in somehow back in 2016 when I had picked up my 2016 Golf Sportwagen. That's the front Euro plate lettering ending with the vehicle's VIN.
  3. quailallstar

    Cant edit profile section with website upgrade?

    How can I edit this below highlighted in yellow? I've looked everywhere and don't see where that text is allowing me to update it.
  4. quailallstar

    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    Hello my fellow dubbers! Quailallstar (Michael) here and I've had Volkswagen vehicles for as long as I could freaking remember :) I'm over on Vwvortex, TDIClub & under the name of Quailallstar as well. I posted my official first post here: Quailallstar's official...