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    Used mk8 GTI purchase advice (infotainment)

    I bought 22 plate MK 8 etsi and have had very few if any problems with the infotainment there is a update waiting in the background but that is do do with personal driver input which I found tedious so gave up. Oh I did have the usual travel assist etc crop up but that was just erratic with...
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    DSG Stuck Gear Issue

    Happened in my car a few times too.
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    Mk8 Orders

    Some used ones here:
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    1k oil change?

    I had my service done after 12 months and 5500 miles.
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    What will be your next new car?

    Either a Golf R line with good spec or maybe an Audi A3 will not be new , only bought very nearly new because of the used prices being so high.
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    Mk8 Orders

    Getting to the UK, getting to the dealer, getting prepped.
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    Mk8 Orders

    Best put orders in for replacement car before next car arrives
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    Getting yellow warning lights

    New module required for SOS failure.
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    Getting yellow warning lights

    Christmas tree sometimes...snow on sensors...warning lights...Big flash the other day looked like brake fail...SOS light been on for two weeks ...reset tomorrow hopefully.
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    1k oil change?

    SOS warning light has appeared now, guy at VW says its an update fix, will have it done when its in for a service in a few weeks.
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    1k oil change?

    I have a service plan , the service on the dash info says in 18500 miles service due
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    1k oil change?

    I,m having my first service in April 2023 car currently on 5100 miles and nearly a year old so I assume they will change the oil. On a slightly different angle I had a BMW 330i which needed topping up with oil every 1000-1500 miles which was normal for the model.
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    Wait time 2 years...ill be looking to change in that time!
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    First VW Mk 8 service

    Just booked mine for a service in April, only 5 k on the clock but have had it nearly 11 months, so on time not mileage.
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    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    Ford Escort 1.3 Ford Orion 1.6 GL Ford Orion 1.6 Ghia Ford Escort 1.6 Ford Escort 1.6 Ghia Rover 216 Gti Rover 220 Gti Rover 420 Sli Rover 416i BMW E36 325 BMW E90 323 BMW E90 323 BMW 325i BMW 330i BMW 320d BMW 320i VW Golf mK7 GTD VW Golf Mk 7.5 1.5 R line VW Golf Mk8 1.5 Style. Some...
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    manual diesel

    I had the Mk 7.5 GTD in a manual it was a cracking car, fairly quick with very good economy.
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    Mk8 Orders

    Have a look for a nearly new one , they are out there.
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    No low level screen wash warning.

    Many blown fuses in vehicles lately for window washer motors due to the freezing weather , my girlfriends Polo included.
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    Poor build quality

    Plenty of Mk 8 s out there colour and spec being the issue though.
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    Mk8 Orders

    Thats what I did took the PCP deal then paid off the amount in a few days after purchase, as said many dealer have a steady stream of new cars coming in , may be not enough but there are cars out there.