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    unitronic flash issues

    So went to flash my ecu today for stage 2. The entire process went through. Went to start the car. Doesn't start. Also unitronic software now doesn't recognize the VIN of my vehicle. Has anyone run into this issue or know how to fix it.
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    Faulty sensors

    mine does it...took it to the dealer after complaining twice...was told the steering wheel and column are issues with buttons and pinched wires...they are replacing my wheel and column under warranty....dont know how long itll be though they told me 5-7 weeks for parts but ive read upwards of 6...
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    Hot air coming from vents

    i have the issues I just turn off the vents put it on lo and leave the feet only setting on
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    6-speed GTI Stage 1 experiences?

    ran my mk8 with uni low torque on stock clutch for awhile....about 5k miles no issues...i went with sb stage 3 daily and went 1+...absolutely love it...not a single issue
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    Time zone changin

    mine did it earlier in the week i havent touched the car in a day or 2 so ill have to check
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    MK8 Golf R Infotainment features have never worked since new

    whether automatic or manual it shows the eastern time zone hour but gmt time zone so it glitches out and not tied to my phone as i do not have android auto enabled
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    MK8 Golf R Infotainment features have never worked since new

    my newest issue now with the informant is now the time zone wont stay on my current time zone it just swaps to gmt and doesnt stay on whatever i change it to
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    CPO - 2 keys?

    usually up to the manufacturer for a CPO but any brand ive worked for or know people who have all require 2 key for cpo
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    MK8 Golf R Infotainment features have never worked since new

    my gti is the same way since day thing you can do is just deal with it until its fixed...whenever that may be
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    Engine Temp Gauge question

    it shoots up within 3-5 minutes of the car starting even if it hasnt moved in a day or too and stops at 194 and doesnt move up or down...luckily my p3 gauge reads the temp and it doesnt match at all
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    Engine Temp Gauge question

    So recently fell victim to the coolant line recall. Long story short since its been back the engine coolant temp gauge is stuck at 194 degrees. Does anyone know of the issue or how to go about fixing it. I tried disconnecting the battery and seeing if that helped and did not. Any information is...
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    Travel asist & emergeny asist fail

    Mines been doing that randomly for months now. Took it to a dealer and they told me because its lowered is the reason and they have to calibrate the sensors with some computer from an Audi dealer. This has been going on since the second week ive owned it back from last June.
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    Unitronic Stage 1

    Good luck. Waiting on my cable so I can flash mine 1+ but im going with low torque file. I ran uni 1+ on my mk7 and the clutch didnt handle after 2 pulls so hoping low torque saves that a bit.
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    Travel assist and emergency assist errors

    no idea...the advisor couldnt give me a straight answer on any question....may i mind you that same advisor told me the clutch chatter sound is because there is no engine i cant say im surprised they dont know. I'll update once they take it in to "fix" it
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    Travel assist and emergency assist errors

    So update on the travel assist issue. Took it in to have it looked at. They blamed it on being lowered on springs and not being calibrated...they also replaced my back up camera because it failed and it being out of focus and crooked on lowering it as well. Not once have I ever heard of such a...
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    Travel assist and emergency assist errors

    ive done that quite often myself
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    Travel assist and emergency assist errors

    i dont see an issue with it either but thats what the recall states.
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    Travel assist and emergency assist errors

    The sunroof switch recall....basically they change the sunroof switch because it is apparently too sensitive
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    Travel assist and emergency assist errors

    Mine just recently started to do it...however its not consistent. It will randomly do it. When it goes in for the recall, I'm gonna have it looked at
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    Radiator Recall!

    the radiator isnt clipped in all the way or the clips broken from factory...mine had the issue...just see on the passenger side if the radiator moves or not...they replace the clips....i just got a recall for the sunroof switch being too sensitive....