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    Dumb Question

    Unless as mentioned above, if youre in harshly cold temps or a track monster (neither apply to me) you'll be fine eyeballing. Im OCD and had to use oem g13 only. I was lucky my dealer had it on hand for even cheaper than what I could get it for online surprisingly. And if you're a tad low...
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    Dumb Question

    Im good at eyeballing, so I go water then coolant. But thats cause I know how much. You can eff it up if you put too much of either then when you pour the other and there's no more room-- so you just fucked up the dilution. For those people, I recommend pre mixing lol
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    Dumb Question

    So who pre mixes G13 in a separate container than adds it to the reservoir VS just adding equal parts distilled water and G13 directly into the reservoir?
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    BJ Penn = me sad.

    That actually is pretty depressing
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    Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad joke thread

    You'd have to give me copious amount of drugs to read through all that
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    Vegas - What to do

    Don't to Exotic Racing, it is a complete rip off. $500 at least for a few laps and you hardly get to push the cars. Experience ends in minutes. If you do have the itch for an exotic car, definitely go to Royalty Exotics. The owner's name is Houston and him and staff are really down to earth and...
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    Cirrhosis of the Liver - Need Advice

    I'm a physician and deal with Hep C patients from time to time. Unfortunately most of them are very low on the socioeconomic latter and can't even consider any type of advanced treatment. As with live transplant considered above, there is the drug Harvoni. I am unaware of the hoops and hurdles...
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    Do You Feel Sorry for This Couple?

    Hmmmmm Wouldn't say I would feel bad but I do have some sympathy. I'm probably around half their age so I grew up in a different economical climate. I'm doing very well for my age but I have no spouse or kids so I don't have the host of problems they're faced with with having a family. But I...
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    How Do We Protect Against This?

    +1. No mercy
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    California Residents

    I'm Northern Cali Born and Raised. The homeless problem in the city (SF) is crazy and is spreading to the suburban east bay area. We have a feces and needle problem in San Francisco and BART (Our subway). It is absolutely atrocious. We have our problems, but I love living here and would like...
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    Moving advice?

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    NSFW. Absolutely not.

    Challenge accepted
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    NSFW. Absolutely not.

    Meh. Vegas.
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    For MC Lovers

    Thought this would be about mcdonalds. Nice click bait jk
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    Real Sensistive Lady

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    My books finally up, "Sage"

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    This Guy Got Lucky

    She just wanted to be a Kardashian for a day LMAO....this generation is so so so fxxked in the head
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    Comcast--this is hilarious

    I would've took a first class trip to India just to find the fucker who offered me that great deal and flick his nose really, really.....really fuckin hard. Then have a Indian pepsi by the Taj Mahal and call it a trip.
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    Comcast--this is hilarious

    plus a million
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    Anybody a video game junkie?

    No MW2 "remaster" yet. And yes BO1 was phenomenal in my opinion. My favorite CODs go from MW2, World at War, then Blacks Ops 1.