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    I hope SOPA passes....

    obviously not, but this is a great article about the SOPA/PIPA issue. Simply making a thread / posting on FB etc is not going to fix the issue. The congressmen that put this together have to go. They can NOT be voted in again. If you live in a state that has...
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    Zombies / Braineaters / Reddit contest please help

    My buddy is in a reddit contest and needs votes. Go here: Vote for Braineaters Thanks
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    I have noticed a

    HUGE boost in productivity w/ golfmkv being down.... i must block this site.
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    11-12 NHL Season Thread

    Baseball is coming to an end, thankfully. The NBA is about to lock out the first two weeks of b-ball (who cares). My Dolphins SUCK in the NFL this season, at least the G-men have a chance at an division title.. I'm getting married in 2 months... arrghgh, The woman is driving me mad :mad0259...
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    random typping game

    i scored 85.5% @ level 26 found on reddit. pretty cool
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    Nissan Juke-R (gtr motor 480hp) wow, it looks aesthetically pleasing in sketches too.
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    Concept Cadilliac - Ciel

    I hope they make this... so awesome
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    Internet Speed question

    I'm looking into different ISP's for my new place. I'm trying to figure out what speed to get & how much bandwidth i need. I plan on getting a more basic tv package, because i will be streaming more content on my tv (netflix / hulu etc). Basically, I would like to optimize my usage so i don't...
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    Heat wave...

    Yes, it's hot. Obviously. But this is actually record breaking heat... Gross.
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    New Manhattan Flagship Store Shows Off a Potentially 8 Million Dollar Benz

    The new Mercedes-Benz Manhattan dealership hosted its gala opening this week, and amongst the shining stars and VIPs pulsing around the 330,000 square foot flagship store was one of the most expensive Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the world; a car that can't be purchased at the dealership, but...
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    Tough Mudder

    Registering a team for tough mudder. Need help coming up w/ a name. Wanted to do this last year, but because we never registered enthusiasm dropped and it was sold out. So we're getting a head start on things. Thoughts / ideas?
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    Andriod Apps...

    Post: What you have What you recommend What not to get Discuss:
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    Hover bike

    Pretty cool Have you ever been sitting in traffic and just wished you could go over the other commuters? Australian mechanical engineer and inventor Chris Malloy has helped that dream get...
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    New Mercedes Benz A - Class

    Looks like the Audi A3/S3 has a competitor... From Car & Driver: Next-Gen Mercedes-Benz A-class Images Are Real May 12, 2011 at 12:08pm by Justin Berkowitz We can now confirm that the images of the next-gen Mercedes-Benz A-class that began a journey around the web yesterday afternoon are...
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    2010 - 2011 NHL Playoff thread

    Rangers over Caps in 7 LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! game 1 tonight
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    Ferrari vs F150

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    1992 Ferrari TESTAROSSA | Made from an 86 Camaro ? wut?!?

    Awesomely ghey. i will admit, that the interior really looks like its from a ferrari. damn url doesn't want to post. tried again.
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    Girl throws puppies into river...

    Have you guys seen this demented shit??? Where is PETA now?
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    FUTURAMA 2010 - IS BACK! THURSDAY NIGHT @ 10 PM est. wooo hoooooooooooo any other futurama fans?
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    LOLCATS makes it to the New York Times i can't believe this guy is making so much money off of other peoples shit. genius.