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  1. Wild Hare

    I Want a Lexus

    No thanks!
  2. Wild Hare

    RS7 vs 977TT

    I found this video simply amazing!
  3. Wild Hare

    Blue Lives Matter

    On our way back from Portland yesterday we noticed a few cars with this Blue painters tape on the rear window. We found out it is in support of Blue Lives Matter. We are doing our part to support these great people!
  4. Wild Hare

    .:: Wanting something different ::.

    I asked my long time friend "Randy Pobst" that I want something great in acceleration and braking that won't brake my wallet (under 50k) recommended the following: Corvette ZO6? BMW E46 M3 track prepped? '02 Porsche Turbo? Mustang w brake package? Randy and I go way back to our early days in...
  5. Wild Hare

    Dad said I'm getting old and need...

    glasses. What do you think?
  6. Wild Hare

    .:: Help a fellow VW Duber and a Marine's Wife win a Wheelchair Accessible Van! ::.

    Marine's wife needs a wheel chair accessible van please help and vote!
  7. Wild Hare

    Speed Cameras / Photo Blocker SPRAY

    We just got a ticket in the mail and it had a photo of our SUV's license plate on it. $124 fine for doing 29 in a 20. Wife said she never had been in the area before saw nothing posted about speed cameras or reduction in speed from 35 to 20. How the heck do you contest one of these? How well...
  8. Wild Hare

    Oldie but a Goodie! This guys exercising the refueling envelope a little bit!
  9. Wild Hare

    New Green Bay Packer Owner!!!

    As of 6:02am PST today I'm an official owner of the Green Bay Packers!!! Their stock was available for sale today at 6:00am PST.
  10. Wild Hare

    ::: HAPPY 7/11 ! :::

    Can't wait till 11/11/11... wife's birthday!:23:
  11. Wild Hare

    Ready for the weekend!

    Are you? I gotta go Teddy's here and he wants his Colt 45... like now. And we both like our Cowbell! Oh and my Red Dobe Ira loves VW's... no other cars. He barks at the others wOof!! .
  12. Wild Hare

    . :: Porch lights on for Caylee Marie Anthony :: . Today at 9:00pm - Tomorrow at 6:00am
  13. Wild Hare

    .: FIAT :.

    Love? Hate? Thoughts? They are making a name again in the USA. I think they are kinda cute! A guy in our neighborhood has several old ones.
  14. Wild Hare

    .:: HAPPY FLAG DAY!!! ::.

    Woke up early this A.M. and put these all along our fence line. God bless those who have served and those serving! Not many know... if you leave your Flag out at night it must be lighted!
  15. Wild Hare

    Porsche, another championship win!

    Saturday in Seattle:
  16. Wild Hare

    X-mas gifts for friends...

    All of us neighbors buy each other gifts for X-mas. We normally give cigars and booze and then party. One of many beers I got my friend Jim who loves his beer got one of these... I made this tag for him just in case! No I'm not drunk - yEt!
  17. Wild Hare

    You two... Mom comes home and

    we are all busted! That's her fav chair.
  18. Wild Hare

    My boy Ira last weekend

    Ira got his Rally Novice B Title last weekend here in Enumclaw! Way to go Ira!!!