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    Funny: Question for OLD TIMERS

    Does any of you remember Mirza?:biggrin:
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    Please respond to our PMs:thumbsup:
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    DBC Tuning on Facebook

    Everyone else does, so why not us? We will be spreading discount coupons and tech tips here. I think it is a good platform to socialize and grow long term relationships. Add us when you can: Thanks a million J
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    DBC Performance Announcement

    Due to high volume of request, and internal pressure, I have opened our PMs. Nothing like one on one contact:biggrin: Couple of small side notes that are in the very near future: *Studie DBC: A subdivision of our company specializing in BMWs *OEM Program launch: We are working 16-18 hours...
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    Headrest Camera Mount

    Anyone here using camera mounts for the headrest? Where did you get them? I might build my own, but I decided to see what is out there before spending time...
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    Alright guys, here is the deal. Once a month, we will be posting a "topic". Use your imagination, take the best shot you can, and post it on its respectful thread. Every month, we will open new thread, collect the pictures. We will have a poll and let you guys decide the winner. I will have...
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    Anyone else heart 3 series coupes like me?

    I don't know you guys but I love these:
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    Happy Holidays!!!!

    It is that time of the year again, I wish you all Merry Christmas guys
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    Regional FS/FT/WTB/WTT Threads

    I created and stickied threads under regional forums that will allow users to find locals for intended transactions. It is easier for everyone this way as the desicion eliminates double thread post. This applies to all US regional and Canada forums as the rest such as Asia, Europe can still post...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    Ahh, one of my favorite days of the year.... Eat a lot, get fatter, have fun times with the family, play with the momma.... :smoking:
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    Non-Sponsor Advertising, Groupbuys

    First, we apologize for making things a little confusing for you guys. After reviewing the issues internally we decided on taking proper actions. Non-sponsor advertising is not allowed in forums. If you are affiliated with a merchant, or service company (in this case a tuner)...
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    Probably the Best Days of My Life

    Today I found out that I am becoming a father. Both me and wife have huge grin on our faces, never goes away. I am so excited, so happy, a little scared too. Since you guys love me so much, I thought I would share. :smile:
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    Colin McRae's Helicopter involves in fatal crash Hope he is doing fine:frown:
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    Luciano Pavarotti Dies....

    So sad.
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    Cycling Thread

    So as per my new healthy life style, i decided cycling. It has been always in back of my mind since last couple of years. I have a lot of friends on the bikes, and they say it is an addiction. Well guess what? It is true. I got hooked to this. I scored me a good deal on a Giant OCR2 bike, which...
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    Motorsports Section

    As you all noticed the forums are getting bigger and bigger everyday, do you guys think we might use a dedicated Motorsports Section that we can discuss F1, WRC, Nascar..... as well as our very own track days, auto-x events. I will open a poll and keep it open for 7 days, at the end ask JJ and...
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    This is funny :laugh: