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    Buying my leased Mk8 MHEV 1.5 Style Golf

    Thanks @SRGTD - I will certainly be looking into this. I did get a copy of the warranty report that the garage sent to VW today so if the faults have not been fixed I can still claim under the existing warranty. However, I completely take your point about any future software problems!
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    Buying my leased Mk8 MHEV 1.5 Style Golf

    Thanks @I-A - the car went into the garage today and the software was upgraded to 1941. The startup of the infotainment unit is considerably faster and I can now get the Satnav on the driver display. I’ve been assured that it will fix my Travel Assist problems but I need to test it out over...
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    Buying my leased Mk8 MHEV 1.5 Style Golf

    I’ve decided to buy my March 2021 VW Golf Mk8 MHEV 1.5 Style (UK) at the end of my three-year lease next month. Remaining 2 software problems relate to Travel Assist; the car rapidly decelerating when it wrongly drops from mph to km/h for some reason. This is a sporadic problem. Similarly, it...
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    VW Getting Rid Of Capacitive Buttons On Steering Wheels

    Yup, I have the same car and have exactly the same opinion.
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    Fixed v Variable Services

    I checked my Mk8 1.5 eTSI car this morning and only saw 2 stickers in the engine compartment apart from those on the 12v battery - see photo. It may be that I have to cross reference the code on the left hand sticker with the manual but as I was going close to my VW dealer this morning, I nipped...
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    Fixed v Variable Services

    Thanks, @MattyST - I have not seen this in the manual or a sticker in the engine compartment. However, I will go and check this morning.
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    Fixed v Variable Services

    I also have a Style eTSI Auto leased from VW and was surprised when they confirmed that the vehicle is on a flexible rather than fixed interval service schedule. Incidentally, I checked my oil level today and after almost 10K miles the level was just above the minimum. Looks like I need might...
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    Latest software update has disabled Voice Control

    I wasn’t aware that VW provided ‘detailed information’ on anything. I love my Golf eTSI, dislike the software but am appalled by the secretive nature of VW UK and by their attempts at customer service. Probably the worst of any organisations that I have ever dealt with for any type of product. I...
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    1.5 auto mpg?

    I too average around 60 mpg on motorway in summer with climate control off (once managed 64) else about 53 mpg with climate control on in summer doing 70 mph. Other roads around 50-53 but around 35-40 around town. My eTSI has only done around 7,000 miles but doubt I will get more as mileage...
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    eCall issue

    Just started having a similar problem this week as regards the led & emergency warning system light in my mk8 Golf eTSI which I have had for over a year With no such problem. I have never had a towbar. Also you will find other posts on this forum relating to this relatively common fault. I took...
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    Right Hand Drive Models

    Yes, I have a similar view on my Mk8 eTSI Style. Nice car, software terrible (did the do any real user acceptance testing on any software release) and even worse is the UK customer service!
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    Mk8 eTSI Infotainment OTA Update stuck

    Thanks @welninski. Thanks to your suggestion, it got me thinking and I decided to do a factory reset on the infotainment unit (the final option on the ‘Settings‘ menu) and if this failed disconnect the battery. I did the factory reset yesterday morning and whilst it was a pain to entered all...
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    Mk8 eTSI Infotainment OTA Update stuck

    Thank you for assistance but I have tried all of your suggestions over the last 3 months including parked with engine on, parked with just ignition on, journeys of over 100 miles etc.
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    Mk8 eTSI Infotainment OTA Update stuck

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to do a complete reset of the infotainment system please. System began loading & installing an OTA back in November 2021 and as at today it has only progressed around 10% of the installation - see photo below. I seem to have a connection with VW servers as the globe...
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    Multiple Software Issues - startin the rejection process.

    I have a Golf Mk8 1.5eTSI DSG Style manufactured Jan 2021 (I believe) and delivered to UK in March 2021. Have received 3 OTA updates and most software problems have resolved themselves since that time - however, they were never such a lengthy list as John 929 reports. However, still get the bug...
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    Software Update

    Not sure if this helps but I have the exactly the same model I.e. Golf Mk8 Style 1.5 eTSI DSG but 2021 model (I assume since delivered in March this year). whilst suffering some software glitches, the worst was the suddenly defaulting to KPH from MPH whilst driving. Streaming over my mobile...
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    Golf 8 Manual pdf edition..

    Nice job! Thank you.
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    General Questions for MK8 owners. PLUS help with VIN please.

    I have an 1.5 eTSI DSG delivered on 12th March. Software issues still exist but don’t seem to be as bad as some others report on older car. Certainly WiFi connection is patchy (yet to try the ‘open the door’ trick) and car play also seems iffy - Google Maps completely froze on me yesterday -...
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    Has anyone managed to get the centre speaker clicking and subsequent issues resolved?

    Hymn, I took delivery of my 1.5 eTSI a couple of weeks and I’m still getting accustomed to it but have started to notice some clicks whilst messing & trying to sort other problems. Thanks for raising this - something I need to pay a bit more attention to see if I have a problem.