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  1. absoluteczech

    Whats your occupation?

    senior frosting swirler at Cinnabon
  2. absoluteczech

    best car you've ever driven?

    lol believe it not, i really dont. i got to drive and park great cars. unfortunately the best ones like ferrari's, etc you would just pull around and leave up front so you didnt really get to drive them, lots of characters and douchebags. you get to drive everything, tons of porsches, viper...
  3. absoluteczech

    best car you've ever driven?

    being a valet after hs was a lot of fun :)
  4. absoluteczech

    My new ride for this week! (not really related to GTI)

    should post this here
  5. absoluteczech

    Pics from NorCal vs SoCal CARnival 2010

    that porsche is sick.. btw this should be in off topic area as theres no MK6 content ;)
  6. absoluteczech

    Coverage of Nisei Car Show 8-14-10

    cool, but no mkvi content.. this should go in the off topic area
  7. absoluteczech

    who's car is this?

    since it got deleted...
  8. absoluteczech

    who's car is this?

    if this isnt a repost i'll be amazed... rehosted
  9. absoluteczech

    megan fox washing michael bays ferrari - video! SFW

    :eyebulge: i wonder if she would wash my car :wink:
  10. absoluteczech

    the stig! schumacher?

    michael schumacher is the stig............. just watching top gear right now, havent finished it yet. is this a joke? :wub:
  11. absoluteczech

    First HDR - Yay or Nay

    this pic definitely DID NOT need it, but ideally you want 3+ exposures...
  12. absoluteczech

    130 mega pixels (56k please come in)

    boo ya!
  13. absoluteczech

    Cars & Coffee 5-23-09 - Pic heavy!

    See the entire set and larger pics here!Flickr Set some random pics.... doing it wrong????
  14. absoluteczech

    website owners or marketing majors - need help

    whats a MEDIA kit? nm i got it :)
  15. absoluteczech

    The Custom PC

    Hey guys, hope this is ok since its not taking away from the VW forums... me and a buddy are starting a pc enthusiasts forum about overclocking,watercooling, general pc talk and pc gaming. so feel free to register and help us get started, i'll eventually need some moderators to help :wink...
  16. absoluteczech

    Let's see your PC's

    mine goes pump > rad > cpu > gpu > res in the end it really doesnt make much diff. maybe 1C max...
  17. absoluteczech

    GolfMKV Fixed Gear Riders

    i wanna run people over that ride fixed gears
  18. absoluteczech

    A Man's Road Trip! - Nurburgring - Stelvio Pass, etc.

    mkvi were for sale in some countries.... :wink: SORRY FOR SHITTY CELL PICS