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I couldn't get into the F1 e-race. Not enough regular drivers to make it interesting

NASCARs race was very well done and exciting to watch. Good mix of regular drivers, some retired guys like Dale Jr., and some "pro" I-Racing guys.


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Hey all. I’ve been silent.

My wife had symptoms and because tests are only meant for those who really need it, we cannot confirm anything.

I will say, it’s the weakest I’ve ever seen her and she says it’s unlike any flu she’s ever had. But thankfully, she’s on the mend.

If any semblance of season doesn’t end up happening, be safe ya’ll. Too bad, I was really looking forward to Lewis v Max v Charles.



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Damn, but glad to hear she is doing better!
I hate to say it, and at the same time I suppose you can consider it lucky, but honestly the biggest impact this whole thing has had on my life so far is the cancellation of racing!
I'm still coming to the office every day because "essential" :rolleyes:. Not that I'm mad about that but I would hardly classify myself as being "essential".
My family owns a rebar fabrication shop and we are also a wholesale distributor of other construction materials, so since there is still construction that is deemend essential, there needs to be places open to supply the materials...
Other than that my town is on "lockdown", however it is not a hardcore lockdown. They aren't actually forcing any non-essential business to close, but if they don't, the need to follow the CDC's guidlines or they could face penalties.
Although I don't know who will actually be enforcing that.


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Too bad, I was really looking forward to Lewis v Max v Charles.

With the regulation push back to 2022 you may still get your wish. As I understand it, next year should be a lot like what this year was supposed to be. The only potential change would be with the drivers.

And there is still time left to get some races in this season.