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2020 GTI mk8


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I just can't with those headlights, atleast not from want I'm seeing. But the bodylines are looking much better than what I've seen so far so that's a plus


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I agree I'm not liking those lights either. Maybe they will grown on me, but I have my doubts. Fake exhausts no way. I bet the GTI will get real pipes while the other varieties go with the fake ones.


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I dont mind the headlights, but I don't like the line of light at the top of the headlight. The grill is kinda ugly and the VW emblem being recessed half way into the bumper is kinda weird.

The front end seems pretty square. I want to see what it looks like without the wrap bs.

I wonder if it's a black car underneath or if the entire roof is black now.

The other thing that catches my eye is the slope on the rear windshield. It's not so vertical anymore, and I'm not sure how much I like that yet.


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Same as has been said, I really can't say anything nice about those headlights. Looks like a sad robot.


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Look like I'll be another generation with the MK6.

Its like they just use rulers to design these things now.

Wascally Wabbit1

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It looks more like a Corolla Hatchback then a golf. Don't like the sloping hood. Don't like the headlights. Don't like the rear. I think it's a big step backwards in design but maybe I'm just old. Love the MK6/MK7. The MK8 may be the end of the love affair. Funny that I think the new Mazda 3 looks sweet with the skinnier headlights and taillights.

Short Bus

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I don't know how to feel about it yet. I really like every single generation of GTI, even the Mk3, for different reasons.... but right now this one isn't speaking to me. Maybe my feelings will change when I see it in person.


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Well the wheels on that wrapped up car are not to be mistaken for what will be sold come production time. they just throw a hodgepodge of parts lying around together for the test cars


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I still prefer all angles of the MK6. Never really warmed up to the MK7 and I know I won't with the MK8.


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Some videos of the new Golf are finally hitting the net. Here is one of the best ones that I've found so far.

I know it's popular to hate on the next generation of Golfs and then people slowly warm up to them, myself included. I doubt I can get warmed up to this one though. The exterior took a step backwards and the interior lost that German simplicity; it looks like any car manufacturer now (Mazda, Ford, Honda, etc.). Also gotta love how they went back to a hood prop (gotta pay for all that tech somehow).

In summary: VW does less of what they are good at, interior design and more of what they are bad at, electronics.


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After watching that it doesn't look too bad to me. That is until I saw that dash. Man was that ever a turn off for me. Oh & that DSG shifter is laughable.


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I'm happy with the Mk6. It feels like the last true feel of the German-ish look. I feel like even the Mk7s are awkward. I can only justify them in that they are newer than the mk6 and try to force myself to take in the style of it. I still can't get over the rear of those cars...


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My MK6 is long ago paid for so now it's like driving a free car. I plan on doing that for a long time. It's one of my favorite cars that I've owned. When it's used up I'll cherry pick a nice MK7. Don't think I could ever get over the glass dash & all the nannies on a MK8.